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Speakers (2017)

List of 2018 Speakers would be updated soon

Laveesh Bhandari
Founder, Indicus

Laveesh Bhandari, a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston University, USA, began his career as a Consultant for Manhattan (now Brookdale) Funds, New York and Boston, USA. He then joined the National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi, as a Senior Economist in 1997 where he led research teams for various studies in the industry and infrastructure division. Dr. Bhandari is the founder Director of Indicus, set up in 2000. He has been a visiting faculty at IIT, Delhi and also worked as Managing Editor of the Journal of Emerging Market Finance. At present, he is Member of RBI's Steering Committee on Economic and Policy Research.


Gaurav Dalmia
Dalmia Group Holdings

Gaurav Dalmia is Chairman of Dalmia Group Holdings, a diversified investment company with interests in private equity, structured debt, public markets and real estate. He is also Founder of Landmark Holdings, a real estate investment firm with more than 30 housing projects under development, Co-Founder of GTI Capital, a club of high-net investors from the USA to make investments in India, and Co-Founder of Infinity, India's first angel investment fund. He is Sponsor and Board Member of India Value Fund, and Co-sponsor of Evolvence India Fund. In 2000, Gaurav was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader for Tomorrow. He has an MBA from Columbia Business School, and has published articles in Asian Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times and Economic Times


Surjit Bhalla
Managing Director,
Oxus Investments

Surjit S. Bhalla is the Chairman and MD of Oxus Investments, a New Delhi-based economic research, asset management, and emerging-markets advisory firm. He holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University, and a Master in Public and International Affairs from Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. He is the author of Imagine There's no Country: Poverty, Inequality and Growth in an era of Globalization (2002) and Devaluing to Prosperity (2012). In the past, he has worked as a research economist at the Rand Corporation, the Brookings Institution, and at both the research and treasury departments of the World Bank. In India, he served as Executive Director of the Policy Group in New Delhi, the country's first non-government funded think tank. He has been on several government committees, including the two capital account convertibility committees of the RBI (1997 and 2006). He has also been a member of the Secondary Market Advisory Committee of SEBI and of the National Statistical Commission of India.


Shubhashis Gangopadhayay
Founder - Director,
India Development Foundation

Shubhashis Gangopadhyay did his PhD in Economics from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA. He took over as founder-director of India Development Foundation in July 2002, where he is presently engaged as Research Director. He has published widely in journals on development economics, international trade, industrial organisation, regulatory economics and finance. He has been on many government committees and consulted with various ministries and private business.


Gurcharan Das
Author and Public Intellectual

Gurcharan Das is Former CEO of Procter & Gamble India and later Managing Director, Procter & Gamble Worldwide. Author of India Unbound and The Difficulty of Being Good. Columnist for Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, Eenadu, and other papers and guest writer for Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, and Newsweek.


Pavan Srinath
Fellow, Strategy and Programmes, Takshashila Institution

Pavan Srinath is the head of strategy and programmes at the Takshashila Institution. He is also Fellow at the Centre for Smart City Governance at Takshashila.

He started his career in public policy five years ago by working on urban policy, migration and climate change adaptation at Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore. Pavan joined Takshashila after a brief stint at Arghyam, Bangalore where he worked on urban water and sanitation, including groundwater. His research interests focus on the intersection of science, cities and policy, and includes urban governance, climate, public health, public finance, space exploration and defence economics.


Nupur Hasija
Programme Executive, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Nupur Hasija is a Programme Executive with a work experience of more than two decades. She holds a degree of political science. She closely works with NGOs who works in the field of education, property rights, good governance, liberal democracy and livelihood issues. She has mentored various youth organizations and networks across India and South Asia.


Ila Patnaik
Professor at National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

Ila Patnaik is currently a Professor at NIPFP. Previously she was the Principal Economic Advisor to the Government of India. Prior to joining NIPFP, she has worked at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER), and as Economics Editor at the Indian Express. Her main area of interest is open economy macroeconomics, including issues related to capital flows, the exchange rate regime, monetary policy, business cycles and the financial sector in the context of opening of the capital account. Her recent papers deal with India's experience with capital flows, methods for testing, dating and monitoring structural change of the exchange rate regime, an examination of the exchange rate regime in India and China, questions of moral hazard in the currency exposure of firms, and explaining the change in home bias against Indian firms.


Rajesh Jain
Founder and Director, netCORE Solutions, Free a Billion

Rajesh Jain is the Founder and Managing Director of netCORE Solutions, and has been one of Mumbai's most well-established entrepreneurs. Rajesh is an Electrical Engineer, having graduated from IIT Bombay in 1988. He did his MS in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York and returned to India in 1992 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. One of Rajesh's early ventures, India World Communications was launched in 1995 and later acquired by Satyam Infoway in November 1999 in one of Asia's largest Internet deals. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Emergic Venture Capital, whose investments include Novatium, Rajshri Media, which runs India's largest broadband portal, and mChek, which is into mobile payments. Rajesh is a well-known figure in the technology industry and is an invited speaker at national and international forums. He has also been featured in cover stories in both TIME and Newsweek.


D Dhanuraj
Chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research

Dhanuraj is a PhD in Science & Humanities from Anna University, Chennai. He currently heads CPPR, a think tank dedicated to extensive and in-depth research on current economic, social, and political issues CPPR strives to initiate policy changes by publishing research and by framing policy debates and discussions on various subjects. Their research areas include Governance, Education, Health, Law, Livelihood, Strategy & Security and Urban Reforms. Dhanuraj is also a graduate of the Liberty and Society Seminar conducted by Centre for Civil Society.


M R Madhavan
Founder and President, PRS Legislative Research

Madhavan is currently heading PRS Legislative. Prior to starting PRS, Madhavan was based in Singapore covering currency and interest rate markets as Principal and Senior Strategist for the Asia region for Bank of America. He started his career with ICICI Securities in Mumbai in the equity research group and later headed interest rates research. He is a Fellow (doctorate) from IIM Calcutta, MBA from IIM Calcutta and holds a B. Tech degree from IIT Madras. In 2010, Madhavan was selected as a Chevening Gurukul Scholar at the London School of Economics.


Vivek Dehejia
Associate Professor of Economics, Carleton University

Vivek Dehejia is Associate Professor of Economics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics (1995), awarded with distinction, from Columbia University in New York, where his doctoral dissertation was supervised by Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, the celebrated international trade economist. His other advisers included Professor Robert Mundell, the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics. Dehejia's fields of specialization include international trade, economic development, and international macroeconomics. His research areas include the study of globalization and development and the economic development of India. His recent work has focused on the political economy of reform in India. Dehejia has published in numerous academic journals and also is a frequent commentator in print and on TV in India. He is a columnist for Business Standard, a leading business daily in India. He is co-author of Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India (Random House India, 2012).

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