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Asians’ march to liberty and progress

Published in Business World on 30 Jan 2017

Remembering ‘LPG’ Revolution

Published in The Pioneer on 14 Mar 2016

Commemorating the death of Licence Raj

Published in Mid Day on 13 Mar 2016

Out of my mind: The right way for India

Published in The Indian Express on 14 Feb 2016

India ranks 4th in number of thinktanks

Published in The Times of India on 31 Jan 2016

VIF among top think tanks with political affiliation

Published in The Hindu on 31 Jan 2016

IndiaBefore91.in Launch Media Coverage

Published in Various Media on 31 Jan 2016

ORF leads think tanks in Asian region; ranked in 22 categories

Published in Business Standard on 28 Jan 2016

इसे वैध बनाना ही उचित है

Published in Rajasthan Patrika on 09 Jul 2015

Centralised coordination easy to understand: David Friedman

Published in Business Standard on 02 Jul 2015

India Must Evolve Its Own Form of Capitalism: Expert

Published in The New Indian Express on 26 Jun 2015

Poverty and Progress | Book Launch

Published in Various Media on 15 May 2015

CCS the Only Indian Think Tank in Global Top 100 (UPenn Survey)

Published in Various Media on 28 Jan 2015