Veerender Kumar

Program Manager, City School Mapping

Veerender Kumar has a long experience of working with Industries, Governments and NGOs. He founded Student Industrial Consulting bodies named PoWER IIT Kanpur and Technocracy IIT Delhi which focused on enhancing Quality & Productivity of MSMEs. In this process, he played various roles of problem identification, bringing industries, academia and Government together, team building & nurturing, developing a formal structure and motivating teams which worked on more than 50 industrial projects. After that he founded an NGO named Matribhoomi which had two major working areas: developing low cost solutions for farmers & self employment and mobilizing college students to work with NGOS on a program named “5 Days for Nation Building”. After that, he founded Arnium Technologies. Apart from developing scientific instruments for Nuclear and Aerospace, Arnium also developed and deployed several products and services to make Kanpur a Smart City. Some of which were Habmap which was a city-wide network of Environmental Monitoring devices which provided data to citizens over web & mobile. It was among the finalist of E-Uttara Awards. Another was GIS & Social Media based Complaint Management System for Kanpur City which involved a lot of advocacy and mobilizing the Mayor & Municipal Corporators to pass a resolution in favour of it. He also founded CitiTalk Smart Solutions which launched a Location based Social Media Platform to bring all stakeholders of a city together so that they can work out localized solutions. It was widely covered in media and got more than 40,000 users in less than 3 months of its launch.

Veerender did Integrated M Sc in Economics from IIT Kanpur which is a composite program involving Science & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences and Environment. This Program involved a lot of academic and field research. Some of his important field research projects were Environmental Impact Analysis of Biomedical Waste Treatment Plant at Bhauti (Kanpur), Environmental Tax on Pollution from Automobiles and Mobility Index for IIT Kanpur and surrounding localities.