CCS has consistently campaigned for governmental action to repeal redundant and inconsistent laws that promote red tapism and encumber personal, social and economic freedoms. As part of this initiative, in partnership with the Maharashtra National Law University in Mumbai, we launched the Maharashtra Repeal Law Compendium, a rigorously researched repository of obsolete laws in the state of Maharashtra. The event was marked by a panel discussion on good governance and the institutionalisation of ‘house-cleaning’. Our eminent speakers included N. J. Jamadar (Principal Secretary, Department of Law & Judiciary, Government of Maharashtra), Bhawani Prasad Panda (Vice Chancellor, MNLU) and Sadashiv S Deshmukh, (Registrar, MNLU), and Nitesh Anand (Associate, CCS).

CCS launches its first project on project on repeal of 100 redundant Central laws in 2014 and has been advocating for the institutionalisation of a National Repeal Law Day since 2016.

Read more on our State Compendiums identifying laws for repeal and the Repeal of 100 Laws project.