101 laws that need to go...

As part of its electoral promise, the Modi government is wielding the broom to weed out one obsolete law a day. The initial plan is to get rid of 300-odd such laws and hundreds of old appropriation bills choking the statute books.

To start with, the government has tabled The Repealing and Amending Bill (2014) in the Lok Sabha, recommending revisions of 36 obsolete laws. In August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appointed a committee to identify obsolete laws, which was to give its final report in three months.

The Law Commission of India in its report to the ministry of law & justice in September, identified 72 such obsolete laws that warrant immediate repeal. One study that the Law Commission has acknowledged to be of great help in identifying the bulk of laws to be repealed was The 100 Laws Project, a joint initiative of Center for Civil Society, along with macro/finance group of National Institute of Public Finance & Policy and Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.

Business Standard highlights some key observations and takeaways from The 100 Laws Project.

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