Academy Alumni

CCS Alumni: Prashant Narang

Lawyer, currently working at CCS as Manager, ijustice

CCS Alumni: Bhanu Joshi

President, Youth for Policy and Dialogue. A Journalism graduate from the University of Delhi & is employed at the CPR, India. He has interned at some of the country’s leading Policy Think Tanks & has been mentored by some of the best names in the policy sector.

CCS Alumni: Ranjan Kumar Baruah

National Youth Award recipient and Founder of North-East Youth Foundation speaks about social entrepreneurship and role of youth leadership in North East states of India.

CCS Alumni: Dipayan Baishya

Dipayan shares how we need to celebrate entrepreneurship in India and the immense opportunity Centre for Civil Society (CCS) provides students to be critical thinkers.

Success Stories

D Dhanuraj
D Dhanuraj
Launched Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR)
Relationship: Researching Reality Graduate
Dhanuraj was one of the first graduates of our Researching Reality internship. After seeing the unintended consequences of public policy that compromises individual success and development of those grappling with poverty, he decided to get engaged in the political movement. Dhanuraj launched the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), a think tank dedicated to extensive and in-depth research on current economic, social, and political issues. Through evidence-based research, CPPR aims to influence policy reform by framing policy debates and discussions, particularly in the areas of governance, education, health, law, livelihood, and urban reforms.
D Dhanuraj
Bhanu Joshi
Jatin Garg
Naveen Mandava
Rajan Kumar Singh
Prashant Narang
Sanjay Garg
Ranjan Kumar Baruah
CCS Graduate
CCS Graduate


  • Divish Gupta
    Divish Gupta, IIT Delhi
    Intern, 2012 and Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, June 2012
    Researching Reality brought me closer to reality.Now I understand this world better and KNOW how to make it better. The most life-changing six weeks of my life. I stand inspired, ready to follow my dreams. Thank you, CCS.
  • Joanita Gabriela Britto
    Joanita Gabriela Britto, ILS Pune
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, August 2012
    Ever since I've got back my mind has been a whirlwind of toughts, I've been reading as much as possible and I've surprised myself.Even after coming back to Pune, my thoughts have been continuously been at ipolicy and the very fact this has kept me going over the past two weeks, is what has surprised me the most. Usually whenever I get back to college I get so caught up in all that's pending for me that I forget about what I hoped to do as a follow up. This time however, even though there was much to do, my mind kept taking me back to spontaneous order, free trade and libertarian ideology. There's been this strange restlessness within me, I can no longer just take things as they come or look for excuses, there are so many questions, and it’s an exciting feeling.
  • Anumeha Bansal
    Anumeha Bansal, NSIT Delhi
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, June 2012
    What is the best about this workshop is that you are not just given lectures and asked to believe. you actually ponder over issues those of which are important to you but you never end up discussing. You are free to ask questions free to give suggestions. It leaves you with a more open mind more receptive to what is happening around you. Plus it is fun.
  • Aesa Dey
    Aesa Dey, GNLU
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, April 2013
    ipolicy helped me recognise the stereotypes I had. Instead of asking why I began to ask why not? The course showed me the link between a free economy and a free society and how that can be strengthened by a liberal approach to public policy. I’ve also recognised my potential to become a change agent in contemporary society.
  • Deeksha Gehlot
    Deeksha Gehlot, Amity Law School, Noida
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, June 2012
    I have taken the ipolicy workshop myself. When I went for it I didn’t know much about CCS but believe me it was the best thing that happened to me. I am a student of 5 year law.. am in my final year now and my best internship so far has been with CCS. CCS is among top 50 think tanks of the world... it respects individual liberty and promotes discussions deliberations etc on public policy... It was the best experience so far.
  • Vibhor Relhan
    Vibhor Relhan, NSIT Delhi
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, June 2012
    It’s the best workshop I've ever attended. It’s amazing how a few days with the CSS team can actually impact your life and style of thinking so much.. an unforgettable experience that you always want to come back to.
  • Amish Agarwala
    Amish Agarwala, IP University
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders
    I have read a substantial amount of text on libertarian philosophy including Ayn Rand and Robert Murphy which though highly inspiring did not give an Indian perspective. CCS took a mere 4 days to solidify this philosophy with its exceptional lectures and gave me my most wanted Indian Perspective.
  • Ankit Arora
    Ankit Arora, TFI Fellow
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, March 2013
    ipolicy made me think and revisit my value system and thought process. I now believe in people and their competence. It has also made me think about the education that we are giving and whether it is apt?
  • Saujanya Ganig
    Saujanya Ganig TFI Fellow
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, March 2013
    The course has pushed my thinking. I have a clearer idea about free market governance and the idea about moving towards a stateless nation. What would have seemed like an absurd idea 3 days back seems entirely logical now
  • Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
    Graduate, ipolicy for Young Leaders, 2012
    It was indeed a very scintillating experience for me to participate in ipolicy program held at Jaipur. Indeed I consider this course an eye opener which vindicated my belief that every social problem have a right set of solutions which lies in our approach and philosophical understanding. To some extent liberal philosophy started seeping in my way of thinking and channelising my thought process with a new constructive approach.
    Guys It was you people 'The participants' whose inquisitiveness to learn and spirit to transform the world on toes was remarkable. It would not be justified if I name any one as emerging social change agent because I observed that the spirit to change India was burning alive in every participant. I am confident that within next ten-fifteen years our collective strength will guide the destiny of this Nation.
    A big Thanks to Srijan Bandyopadhyay for his Srijanatmakta (Creativeness) in organising this fantastic program. I Consider Amit Gordon, Amit, Andrew, Adarsh Sharma, Aparajita Sharma, Bhuvana Anand, Baishali, Sadaf and Srijan 'NAVRATNA's of Centre for Civil Society' (i.e) Nine Precious Gems of CCS. Dedication and patience of these people was remarkable. Aura of their intellect can be felt from far away.
  • Kritika Narula, Shri Ram College of Commerce
    Intern, 2009
    “The internship at CCS was the most well spent month of my life, the sessions were stimulating; the field visits – a reality check and my peers – probably the best brains of India. A truly enriching experience!”
  • Cheistha Kochhar, Sri Venkateswara College
    Intern, 2009
    ““It’s impossible to imagine that one could learn experience worth years in merely two months. And if CCS internship could make this impossible thing happen, it speaks volumes of what it is to be like a proud CCS intern!”
  • Mallika Chawla
    Intern, 2006
    "CCS gave me a golden opportunity to work on ‘Business Planning for Schools’. In the process, I gained knowledge on current system of setting up and operating a school in Delhi. I met such amazing people and gathered a lot of information from them, both related to my project as well as general economics. I have realized that researching, conducting a survey/field work is no child’s play. I am grateful to CCS for this eye-opening and learning experience."