Alumni: Get Involved

Get Involved

CCS Alumni: Get Involved

Once a CCS Graduate, always a part of CCS, it's larger goals, vision and mission!

It may have been years since you passed out from one of our programs or you may have attended one just last week, nonetheless there are many ways in which you can get involved and give back to CCS. We are very grateful to each and every one of you, who has contributed to the larger goals of CCS over the years, be it in kind or financially, by supporting the school choice campaign or helping us run our policy programs. Click here to know more about the organisation's vision/mission statement and how you can help achieve some of the future milestones.

Become a Mentor: CCS engages with not one, but hundreds of promising young leaders through the various progams it runs during the course of the year. Serve as a mentor to the changemakers of tomorrow, those who will go on to shape the future of our country. Help recent graduates to learn more about the work that you do, your organisation, possible internships they could take up, vacancies they could fill. Share with them the subjects you are interested in, the fields that stimulate you, your start up ideas and other opportunities that will help further their career goals and yours alike. Contact Yazad Jal ( today to become a Mentor.