CBSE warns schools against selling books, uniforms

LiveMint | 20 April 2017
CBSE warns schools against selling books, uniforms
New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has Thursday asked private schools affiliated to it to stop commercial activities and follow the education bylaws on appointments and daily functioning, a move that has annoyed the schools.
In one communication, the board asked schools to "run as community services and not as business, and ensure that commercialization does not take place in the school in any shape whatsoever".

The board warned schools that it has received several complaints from parents and students about how schools are "indulging in commercial activities by way of selling of books, uniforms etc, within the school premise or through selected vendors".
"The board has taken a serious view of the above violations. Hence, once again your attention is drawn that educational institutions are not commercial establishments and their sole responsibility is to provide quality education," CBSE said in its communication underlining further that they should desist from such "unhealthy practices". It asked the school management to ensure "strict compliance" with its communication.
In another communication, CBSE asked recognized unaided schools to refrain from reappointing retired teachers and took note of certain schools that have done so in the recent past.
Predictably, schools aren't happy. A school association said the CBSE has issued a circular seeking confidential data pertaining to the day-to-day operations of all affiliated schools.
The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) accused the CBSE of harassing schools and said that if required, it will not hesitate to take legal action.

"The basic purpose of setting up the CBSE is to conduct exams, provide certifications and maintain the standard of education in affiliated schools. However, the board is continually deviating from its purpose and intervening in the operations of the schools," said Kulbhushan Sharma, national president of NISA, adding that CBSE has got into micro-management of schools like interference in the appointment of principals of some schools.

The face-off comes even as states like Gujarat and Punjab have moved to curb fees at private schools..

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