Colloquium on Maximum Governance, Minimum Government: Ideas to Implementation

18 - 20 August 2016 | Hotel Trident, Udaipur

Centre for Civil Society is organizing a colloquium on ‘Maximum Governance, Minimum Government.’ The colloquium aims to facilitate a robust discussion and dialogue on this theme and most importantly will help bring a clearer understanding on how best to bring a paradigm shift in the role of the government—from controller to facilitator, from producer to financier, and from an inspector to informer to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The focus of the Colloquium is not so much on what but how to fulfill this commitment that the government has undertaken. We will have less than 20 participants and like a typical colloquium, there will be a set of readings to guide the discussion. There will be five thematic sessions of two hours each, based on the selected readings. The last session would be on Next Steps, which will help organise the ideas and suggestions that came up earlier and delineate some steps to work further on them.

  • Session I: Delineate Policy Formulation & Policy Implementation
  • Session II: Consolidate, Delayer, Devolve & Exit
  • Session III: Leveraging Expertise: Capacity Building, Lateral Entry & Performance Incentives
  • Session IV: Empowerment Needs Growth: Taking Care of Business
  • Session V: E-government: A Route to Efficient, Transparent & Inclusive Government?
  • Session VI: Next Steps

The Colloquium hopefully furthers and deepens the dialogue and understanding of the idea of ‘maximum governance, minimum government.’ Since its focus is more on how, it should offer concrete, actionable steps to achieve citizen-centric, accountable and effective governance.

Eligibility: Participation to the Colloquium is by invitation only. For any details, contact