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15 July 2020
People. Policy. Perspectives.

Join us for the Book Launch of the Hindi edition of "Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic Development"

Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic Development

Centre for Civil Society and are pleased to invite you for the Book Launch of the Hindi Edition of "Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic Development" followed by an online panel discussion.

The book “Poverty and Freedom" focuses on case studies about efforts made by many countries to overcome similar challenges, tweaking policies and upholding the basic principles of economic and individual freedom. We believe that the translation of the book will bring forth new learning and insights for many Hindi-speaking policymakers, as well as influencers.

Join us on 18th July at 02:00 PM.

We'll be giving out e-copies of the book to the first 50 participants!


Fake News Conference 2020 | Applications Closing Soon | Apply Now!

Fake News Conference 2020

The Fake News Conference aims to bring together 30 students, young professionals with interest in policy, domain experts and leading liberal thought-leaders to a dialogue on the state of the media, limits of disinformation, misinformation and fake news, and the role of the media in protecting and furthering freedoms in India.

About the Conference:

The one-day conference will include four dedicated online sessions steered by leading domain experts. These include a session on Introduction to Fake News, another on Scope and Limits of Media Regulation, a hands-on Workshop on Fact-Checking and a panel discussion on Disinformation and the Human Rights Perspective to conclude proceedings.

Programme Date: 26th July 2020
Application Deadline: 18th July 2020
Application Fee: INR 500 (fee is payable upon selection and has to be made online)

Eligibility: Students, young professionals, policy enthusiasts and think-tank leaders are eligible to apply for the Fake News Conference.


For any queries, please contact

We’re back with epolicy for Young Leaders | Register now!

epolicy for Young Leaders

What is the ideal role of government in society? What is a public good? How come markets work in certain circumstances, but not in others? Why are some laws difficult to implement? How can India become a developed country?

epolicy for Young Leaders is a two-day online certificate course introducing students and young professionals to public policy.

Our aim is to provide you with a first look at public policy, with expert interaction and an opportunity to network with the Centre for Civil Society’s alumni base of over 8,000 students and young professionals.

Join 35 young leaders in their quest to answer some key public policy questions!

Avail a 10% early bird discount as well.


To know more visit:

Indian Liberals saw through the Chinese game plan in 1950 | Spontaneous Order

Indian Liberals saw through the Chinese game plan in 1950

No soon after Tibet was overrun by China, Minoo Masani, then still years away from forming the Swatantra Party, brought up in Parliament Mao Zedong’s message to CPI leader B.T. Ranadive of “good wishes for the liberation of India and their hope that India will go the China way.’’ Noted then Dutch Ambassador to India, W.F. Van Eekelen in his seminal account Indian Foreign Policy and Border Dispute With China: In Masani’s view, China had thereby destroyed “any illusion about friendship, any cordiality and about comradeship in Asia” and cut Asia into two parts – Communist and non-Communist Asia. It was a warning from Masani long before the 1962 Sino-Indian war, that the invasion of Tibet was the first sign of the Chinese aggression. It went totally unheeded.

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Regulatory Loopholes in the Governance of GM Seeds

Regulatory Loopholes in the Governance of GM Seeds

For the third year in a row, farmers are protesting to demand the right to sow #GeneticallyModified seeds. This video explains how the ambiguous and politically regulatory environment contributes to farmer distress.

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