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20th September 2020

Problems with Essential Commodities Act

Problems with Essential Commodities Act | CCS India

This Essential Commodities Act (ECA) is unfit for purpose and does more harm than good. It is unnecessary in an era when food production is more than sufficient.


Applications Open | eColloquium on Liberty, Democracy and Rule of Law | 25th October

eColloquium on Liberty, Democracy and Rule of Law | CCS India

The discussion surrounding the rule of law has been more or less narrowed down to the legality of the government’s actions. There has rarely been a debate on the rule of law’s substance vis-a-vis the role of constitutionalism and democracy in its functioning.

Our upcoming eColloquium will provide a platform to deliberate and reason with the idea of rule of law in connection with justice, liberty and democracy through reading the works of great legal and jurisprudential scholars like H. L. A. Hart and F. A. Hayek

Apply now for the eColloquium on Liberty, Democracy and the Rule of Law scheduled for 25th October 2020!


ebaithak with Neha Singhal | The Criminalisation of Drug Use Under the NDPS Act, 1985 | Register Now!


The laws and regulations surrounding the illicit trade and consumption of drugs and narcotic substances have recently garnered renewed attention. While such substances occupy a unique place in contemporary culture and society, it is crucial to understand the policy framework undergirding the laws governing the criminalisation of narcotic drugs and substance users.

Join us in a discussion with Neha Singhal, Senior Resident Fellow, Criminal Justice at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, as we explore how the NDPS Act needs to transition from being a retributive to a rehabilitative and reformative law.


The Existential Imperative of Education Policy | Spontaneous Order

The Existential Imperative of Education Policy

Plato’s conception of democracy was a negative image of mob rule that leads to tyranny, but this may be because he was writing at a time when mass education was inconceivable.

In our latest article, Roshan Gandhi, Director (Strategy) of City Montessori School, talks about the existential imperative of education policy in India and the need to reassess the NEP in the context of the relationship between education, democracy, and tyranny.


Food Controls in India: Vestiges of Second World War | Spontaneous Order

Food Controls in India: Vestiges of Second World War

In this SO Musings, we recall the article "Our Borders with China" by M.A. Venkata Rao published on January 1, 1959, after a map was published in a Soviet journal showing parts of India as Chinese territory.


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