Education Conclave In Kashmir Hopes To Bring Academics Back On Track

NDTV | 26 May 2017

SRINAGAR:  For the last six weeks, a wave of protests by students in Jammu and Kashmir have been a major challenge for the government - not just affecting schools and colleges but also the law and order of the state. Recently, hundreds of educationists from across the county met in Srinagar to find ways of putting academics back on track through an international educational conclave in Srinagar.

Ekta Sodha who runs a chain of schools in Gujarat is here to collaborate with schools in the Valley to start exchange programs between students of Gujarat and Kashmir. "As part of exchange program between Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, we want educational, cultural, technological exchange programs. I think besides student, their parents should also be part of it," said Ekta Sodha, Vice President National Independent Schools Alliance. 

School administrators say they will support every move for the benefit of students in the Valley.

"Most credible educational think tanks of South Asia, from Oxford and other places have been here as part of international education conclave. The basic purpose is to see how we can improve teaching and learning," said GN Var, president private schools association in Kashmir.

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