EduDoc 2016

Theme- Education: Challenges, Innovations, Celebrations

EduDoc: Stories of Education is an International Short Film Competition by Centre for Civil Society (CCS) where we want to put Challenges, innovations and celebrations in the spotlight.

Best Film: Fall in Line (2016)
by Gautam Joshi

Every kid is unique!

Most of us hear that, nod too on that but don't actually believe in it, because that belief usually is not seen in day to day practice. We as a parent or a teacher, in routine life ultimately rate the kids on their mark sheet.

What we have assessed, though in modern education emphasis is given over Sports, Arts and other activities but system is not ready to accept the change. A student can choose over activities, but ultimate goal is to load the mark sheet with numbers and ranks.
Nature makes everyone different. But most of the education systems try to make them same. Even parents and teachers are part of it. The process is such, that innate talent is killed and no one even realizes it.

Fall In line, take a dig on that. The film talks about a student who is really different and creative. But nobody is ready to accept his innovations. At the end, the system pushes him to follow the same path what others are following. He does it and we find another talent is killed and nobody is even realizing it.

2nd Best Film: Transforming Civics Education,Transforming communities

9th grade students at Mahatma Phule Vidyalaya in Majalgaon, in Beed district of Maharashtra, India are totally immersed in something. Something they have never done before. This "something" is a project around missing street lights in the vicinity of their school.
An inspirational story of the teachers and students realizing the importance of the role of citizenry is an everyday process and taking up new challenges despite intermittent setbacks. It's a story about street lights bringing the light of dawn into the lives of these students.

3rd Best Film: Blackboard
by Hyash Tanmoy

With each passing year, there might be many impressive numbers and stories in Education space in India, but still, several places in India exist where people even do not even know to write their own name. This film is meant to inspire everyone around the world to share a little knowledge of education with everyone around you as they need it. The story depicts a journey of a fourteen-year-old boy who became an educator of his own slum.