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Subsidy sought on CBSE school bus guidelines

Published in on 24 Feb 2017

C Rajagopalachari: The icon India needs today

Published in Mint on 09 Dec 2016

Individualist Gandhi versus statist Nehru

Published in Mint on 09 Dec 2016

Why liberal parties fail at the hustings

Published in Mint on 08 Dec 2016

Creating a citizen-led market for welfare

Published in Mint on 07 Dec 2016

Why India needs a new Constitution

Published in Mint on 06 Dec 2016

More decentralization and more democracy

Published in Mint on 05 Dec 2016

Private Schools should be seen as Partners not competitors: Baijayant Panda

Published in Business News This Week, Core Sector Communique, India Town, City Air News and News Dog on 04 Dec 2016

Government should work in tandem with private schols, says Jay Panda

Published in Press Trust of Inida (PTI), India Today, Tito's Goa and Various Other Media on 03 Dec 2016

Let’s Celebrate 26 November As National Repeal Law Day

Published in Swarajya on 26 Nov 2016

November 26 proposed as laws repeal day

Published in One India, The Frustrated Indian, Daily World and Yahoo! News on 25 Nov 2016