Webinar on '2 Years Of Achche Din?'

Event Date: 04 Jun 2016; Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: ClickWebinar
Webinar on 2 Years Of Achche Din?
  • Bored by the monotonous loud debates across the idiot box spectrum?
  • “Prime Time News” muddling your clarity of thought on current affairs?
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Get hooked to CCS Academy's monthly Webinar - 'Liberty Talk Live' !

Tomorrow's political possibilities will depend on the IDEAS we cultivate today. CCS Academy seeks to inspire future leaders and change agents to pursue the vision of a free society by championing a liberal approach to public policy and current events.

Here's what you opt for by joining :

Balanced Approach: Topic gets its due consideration.

Eagle's Eye View: Get an idea of the larger picture.

In-depth Analysis: No fact-twisting, just critical thinking.

Interaction with Experts: Hear from sector experts and share insights, feedback and questions with them one-on-one!

SYNOPSIS: This month, Narendra Modi completes two years as Prime Minister of India. He won the general election with an impressive margin and remains our most popular politician by far. Every opinion poll in the last two years has shown his popularity at around 70 percent. But is electoral popularity the only currency of success in democracies?

Let's talk about how he has performed on the following key parameters:

  • Political record
  • Economy
  • Corruption
  • Legislation
  • Foreign policy
  • Overall governance

CCS Academy hosts the first of its ‘Liberty Talk Live’ Webinars on 4 June 2016. This shall be a regular feature, on the second Friday of every month. To participate send an email to christo@ccs.in.