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Keepers of Forests: Judiciary, Ministry, or Community

Event Date: 28 Mar To 29 Mar 2005; Time: 9:00 โ€“ 13:30
Venue: Jacaranda Hall I, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

To discuss livelihood and ecological concerns related to our forests, the Centre organises Keepers of Forests: Judiciary, Ministry, or Community, hosting six sessions on resource management, allocation, ownership and use. The objective is to assess the real problems and conclude affordable and long-term policy solutions to prevent the over-use and mismanagement of our natural goods.

Terracotta Summit - Beyond National Environment Policy 2004

Event Date: 07 Mar 2005; Time: 9:00 โ€“ 17:30
Venue: Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

This summit is organized to take the idea of community ownership and management of natural resources to a wider audience. The discussions and seminars focus on key resources: forests, fisheries, wildlife. The seminar is aimed at activists, policy makers and academicians.

Water Under Community Management

Event Date: 24 Mar 2003; Time: 9:00 โ€“ 16:15
Venue: Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

CopyRight, CopyLeft, CopyConsent: IPR in the Information Age

Event Date: 15 Mar 2003; Time: 17:30
Venue: Conference Room 4, India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi

National Conferance on Primary Education

Event Date: 11 Dec To 13 Dec 2001; Time: Not Available
Venue: India Habitat Centre

The Centre hosts a National Conference on Primary Education for the Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD). Eminent activists, policy makers, and academics present, discuss, and debate innovations in government delivery of education, role of new technologies, barriers to the entry of educational institutions, methods of assuring quality of education, and decentralisation of curricula and textbook authorship.