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#ccstalks TweetChat: ‘What are critical constraints to Indian school education reform?’

Event Date: 18 Jan 2016; Time: 7-8pm
Venue: tweetchat.com #ccstalks

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 Necessary or Unconstitutional?
What is the critical constraint behind the issues that exist in our school education system? Is it infrastructure? If it is infrastructure, why did we not see improvements in learning outcomes though the status of infrastructure has improved? Is it lack of motivated people? If that is the case, what is the reason for this lack of motivation: Are passionate people not entering the sector or are they losing their motivation after becoming part of the system?

Join us for #ccstalks hosted by Karthik Dinne, author of UnpackED: The black box of Indian school education reform, on Monday, 18 January 2016 from 7-8pm! Log in to tweetchat.com or Twitter and follow #ccstalks. We look forward to speaking with you! For more information, contact Manasi Bose (pr@ccs.in).