Event Information

Law and Public Policy Credit Course

Event Date: 13 Apr To 29 Apr 2017; Time: -
Venue: NLSIU, Bangalore
Law and Public Policy, our flagship seminar course on the intersection of legal practice, economic principles and policy making, is a unique 40-hours learning module designed specifically for students pursuing legal studies. Highlighting discourses on public policy within the core disciplines of law and economics, the module equips students with theoretical and practical tools to identify and resolve pertinent social issues. Public Policy—an emerging field of critical engagement in India—is deeply interlinked to legal thought and practice. Our interdisciplinary course provides a unique vantage point from which issues that directly affect the lives of millions of citizens can be examined in context of accompanying legal frameworks. Law and Public Policy allows students to utilize their core knowledge in legal studies and apply them in varied fields of governance. Inculcating a problem-solving approach, this elective course equips students with the analytical tools to innovate effective and sustainable policy solutions to some of the greatest issues plaguing our society. Public policy spans a range of issues, from identifying solutions to challenges of distribution, to designing just institutional mechanisms. Multiple institutional mechanisms exist for resolving any policy issues. Regulatory policy, for instance, can exercise degrees of control, from procedures as simple as registration to complex systems of certification, and further, licensing. Identifying and creating legal frameworks that emulate best practices and models of development is a key challenge of policy-making, and this course designed to bridge the skills developed under legal studies with their successful application in resolving policy concerns.