Event Information

9th School Choice National Conference

Event Date: 12 Nov 2017; Time: 10:00AM-06:00PM
Venue: Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre

THEME- Direct Benefit Transfers in Education: Policy, Politics, Parents

Registration deadline: 04th November 2017


  1. To discuss and debate various dimensions of DBT including ideation, the theory of change, identification of areas of application, implementation and various challenges at each step.
  2. To explore DBT as a tool to bring greater transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the education system through empowering parents and enabling choice of access in education.

The 2017 edition of conference will have 3 thematic sessions:

  1. DBT experiments & models- National and global: The session addresses the current status of Direct Benefit Transfers- across sectors and geographical boundaries. This involves examining the various DBT- centric experiments and models that have been carried out around the world on a microscopic level and framing them in an Indian context. This discussion on respective experiences would help enable the audience to understand the relevance of an alternative such as DBT.
  2. DBT in Education- Impact, Incentives, Issues: The session would be exploring the issue of learning outcomes that currently plagues the education sector and the potential role that DBT can play in overcoming the same. Panelists will also be elaborating upon the supply and demand of such an alternative, as well as parents’ capacity and readiness for DBT in education. The latter half of the session would be dedicated to understanding the economic and political implications of introducing DBT, since such a scheme would essentially convert the role of the State from being the provider of education into that of being the primary financier of education.
  3. DBT in Education- Implementation designs and readiness: Building upon the first two sessions, the third panel would delve into the possible scheme designs that DBT in education could manifest into. The panelists will look into the infrastructural and technological requirements of the scheme, and explore the various mechanisms using which DBT can be successfully implemented.

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Registration Fee

  • NGO Leaders / Research Scholars / School Principals: INR 1000/-
  • Students: INR 750/-
  • Others: INR 1500/-

For details contact Nitesh (scnc@ccs.in | +91-88003 44700 | +91-11-2653 7456; ext.-16)