Event Information

CCS Alumni Meet, Mumbai, 2014

Event Date: 12 Jul 2014; Time: 3:30-6:30pm
Venue: Parkside, 301, 3rd Floor, Datta Raul Maidan, Dadar West, Mumbai

Keeping in line with our mission to reconnect with all CCS alumni, we are hosting our 2nd CCS Alumni Meet in Mumbai on 12 July 2014.

In addition to getting to know more about you since you passed out of a CCS program, we also wish to connect with the work that you do, as we are all contributors in the wheels that are changing the world today. This would be a great opportunity for us to rekindle our relationship as well as share lighter moments, memories and conversations.

We look forward to hosting you alongside some of our esteemed Board of Advisors for high tea at 3:30pm and discussing how you, our alumni, can be a champion of ideas and work we both hold dear.

The first CCS Alumni meet of the year in Delhi saw participation from 25 bright, passionate individuals who today have made a marked difference in their respective fields, from public policy to data analytics, journalism to social media, legal advisory to software, each contributing to make a better society. We salute each of these torchbearers!

The evening was a memorable one, that concluded with an inspiring address by our trustee, Mr Gurcharan Das who got everybody excited about the potential prospects that lay ahead in India's growth story and how this is an exciting time to reshape policy and partake in the wonderful journey.

Since our first student program, 16 years ago in 1998, we have come a long way having interacted and built a strong network of individuals from all walks of life. You are the face of CCS. We want to take our relationship with you to the next level and would like to seek your inputs and thoughts on our pursuit to move from effort to excellence.

With more than 3,600 CCS alumni, the possibilities for social, professional and personal growth are endless.

For any details or queries, please contact: Daphne Vallado (daphne@ccs.in | +91 99106 67576) or Manoj Mathew (manoj@ccs.in | +91 9899307456)