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8th School Choice National Conference

Event Date: 03 Dec 2016; Time: 09:30AM-06:00PM
Venue: The Theatre, India Habitat Centre

THEME: New Education Policy and Budget Private Schools

Registration deadline: 27th November 2016


  1. Bring together educationists, planners, policy experts, activists and government officials to discuss and debate various dimensions of education policy for Budget Private Schools in India.
  2. Showcase cost effective innovative models that foster an enabling education ecosystem.

The 2016 edition of conference will have 3 thematic sessions:

  1. Regulatory Challenges: The session aims to highlight regulatory system within which Budget Private Schools exist, identify areas of conflict and suggest for a regulatory system to match its eco-system.
  2. Research Evidence: The session aims to bring evidence on quality of learning and cost effectiveness in Budget Private Schools. It also aims to identify various aspects of Budget Private Schools which lacks credible evidence.
  3. Innovation in Classroom: This session aims to highlight innovation and development with regard to teacher training, leadership building, classroom management and integration of technology etc.

Registration Open: Apply Now

Registration Fee

  • NGO Leaders / Research Scholars / School Principals: INR 1000/-
  • Students: INR 750/-
  • Others: INR 1500/-

For details contact Nitesh ( | +91-88003 44700 | +91-11-2653 7456)

EduDoc 2016 Painting Competition

Event Date: 03 Dec 2016; Time: TBD
Venue: The Theatre, India Habitat Centre

EduDoc 2016 Painign Competiton

Submission Deadline: 20th November 2016

EduDoc painting competition by Centre for Civil Society (CCS) is an initiative to highlight the children's vision of their dream schools. The students are important stakeholder in the education system and by this competition the idea is to bring their vision for schools in the spotlight.

THEME:  “My Dream School”

Eligibility: The competition is open to all students and schools of classes 6-9 from across the country.

Please Note:

  • Do write in your name and contact details on the back side of the painting.
  • All the submissions must be in A3 size chart/paper.
  • You can submit your paintings/ drawings or sketches.

Entry Fee: Entry in the competition is free for all; and multiple submissions are also accepted, given individual submission form is sent for each entry.


  • Best Painting: INR 5,000
  • Second Best Painting: INR 3,000
  • Third Best Painting: INR 2,000

Top paintings will be exhibited during the 8th School Choice National Conference on 3rd December 2016 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

To send in your entries contact Nitesh: | +91-88003 44700 | +91-11-2653 7456

You can also send in your entries at: 

EduDoc Painting competition,
Centre for Civil Society,
A-69, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi-110 016

ìpolicy for Young Leaders, Mumbai, Nov 2016

Event Date: 25 Nov To 27 Nov 2016; Time: 9:30am-6:00pm
Venue: Churchgate, Mumbai

ìpolicy for Young Leaders aims to reach out to undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and recent graduates who have just started working. CCS believes that such individuals hold the power to change the future, and because they are currently in a space where their belief and knowledge could be channelized and strengthened through exposure to ideas of a free society.


  • To create a fun, open, and respectful environment where everyone is encouraged to think critically about social, economic, and political issues.
  • To evoke in participants a passionate inquiry into their own values and role in creating a good society.
  • To equip participants with fundamental concepts of political economy and sound public policy to enable them understand the root cause of current challenges and effectively advocate for policy solutions through their current work and future professions.
  • To plug participants into a global network of opportunities to propel their intellectual growth, make personal connections and access resources to help them advance their vision of a free society.

Eligibility: The course is open to all students, recent graduates as well as post graduates. Participants will be selected based on their application merit.

Please Note: Selected participants are required to attend all the sessions held during the course upon which they will receive a certificate of participation.

Course Fee: The ìpolicy fee is Rs 3000, which shall cover food and course materials for the entire duration of the program. The fee is payable upon selection, and can be made online, via cheque or DD, details of which will be communicated later. The participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements. Selected participants will be notified on a rolling basis.

Application Deadline: 13 November 2016

Apply Now

Conference and Book Launch: Liberalism in India: Past, Present and Future

Event Date: 20 Nov 2016; Time: 10 am - 8 pm
Venue: The Claridges, New Delhi
Liberalism in India

SV Raju was one of India’s liberal giants, and his passing last year was a huge loss for the liberty movement in India. To honour his memory, and celebrate his commitment to creating a freer India, Centre for Civil Society, in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, have compiled a set of original papers from key liberal voices in India, on the past, present and future of Indian Liberalism. The papers have been published in the form of a Festschrift, on the theme Liberalism in India—highlighting the evolution of the ideas in our country, an analysis of the current context and the way forward.

We are hosting a day-long conference where authors will share their research papers, followed by an evening dinner launch of the publication. Contributing authors for this volume are Atanu Dey, Laveesh Bhandari, Barun Mitra, Surjit Bhalla, J P Narayan, Jaithirth Rao, Nirvikar Singh, R Jagannathan, Ashok Desai, Nitin Pai, Parth J Shah, Gurcharan Das, Hindol Sengupta, Seetha Parthasarathy and Lord Alderdice.

Attendance at the conference is by invitation only.

Click here for the schedule and program flow. For more information click here or contact Manasi Bose ( | +91 9810772964).

Colloquium on Liberty, Democracy, and Public Choice

Event Date: 03 Nov To 06 Nov 2016; Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Venue: Goa

Despite 67 years of political independence and democracy, India is throttled by political practices that stifle individual liberty, the license-permit quota raj that still exists for the poor, and ill-informed public policies that curtail entrepreneurship, restrict opportunities for growth, and stunt economic development. Current socio-political attempts to deal with these issues have seen the growth of a prominent anti-corruption movement and subsequent passing of a watered down anti-corruption bill, the birth of the populist Aam Aadmi Party, and most significantly the rise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. However, none of these have identified or addressed the core issues within the Indian political system – a large and opaque bureaucracy, an overwhelmed and ineffective judiciary, an alarmingly pliant Constitution, deeply entrenched interest groups, and a culture of dynastic politics.

Over the last three decades, public choice theory has emerged as a prominent research agenda in economics and political science that addresses central themes in this tradition with the tools of economic analysis. Specifically, public choice theory has focused on the working properties of alternative political arrangements in an effort to understand constitutional features that are most likely to advance individual autonomy and flourishing as understood by the individuals who must live under a given constitution.

This conference for academics will focus on the leverage that the public choice approach has given political scientists and economists over understanding how democracy works and how institutions such as constitutions can be constructed to produce better social outcomes. We hope to discuss the impact that this school has had both within the academy and in the real world of politics, with a special focus on the Indian context.

CCS Colloquium is a two-day (three nights) residential program and forum for in-depth discussion centred on a chosen theme/policy. The Colloquium provides participants an opportunity to disentangle themselves from the distractions of everyday life to reflect on issues of fundamental and enduring importance. Our hope is that participants will go on to share their advanced understandings and to develop innovative ideas and approaches for bringing specific policy solutions to advance liberalism today.

The colloquium will address the following themes:

  1. Politics and Constitutionalism
  2. Majority Rule, Voting Cycles, and Democracy
  3. Democratic Deficiencies
  4. Federalism
  5. The Generality Principle
  6. Constitutionalism and Credible Commitment

Eligibility: Participation to the Colloquium is by invitation only. For any details, contact