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Chintan Talk: Policy Failures and Financial Crisis

Event Date: 11 May 2012; Time: 17:00 – 18:00
Venue: Centre for Civil Society Office, New Delhi

A lecture by Economics Professor Christopher Lingle who is visiting from the Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. The discussion will be centered on what are the conditions that cause certain economic policies to fail and/or malfunction and who is really to blame for the global financial crisis of 2008.

Asia Liberty Forum

Event Date: 02 Feb To 03 Feb 2012; Time: Not Available
Venue: The Claridges Hotel, Faridabad, Delhi NCR

Asia Liberty Forum is a 2-day event bringing the best liberal minds from Asia and around the world to identify critical issues plaguing Asia. Participants include intellectuals, think tank leaders, policymakers, business leaders, and changemakers. Participants will present their work and views on various facets of modern Asia. The forum provides a unique opportunity to interact closely with distinguished experts across various fields, who are tackling Asia’s unique development challenges.

Freedom Caravan: Celebrating the birth centenary of Milton Friedman

Event Date: 31 Jan 2012; Time: 15:00-20:00
Venue: Bus Ride, Pune

Freedom Caravan will get student participants from multiple colleges across Pune to reflect over our history and explore the definitions and dimensions of freedom, sovereignty and human liberty while paying tribute to those who brought India independence. The event will also highlight the work that is left to be done to bring social, economic and political freedom and individual rights to all people of Indian society.

Freedom Caravan: Morality of Capitalism

Event Date: 30 Jan To 10 Feb 2012; Time: Not Available
Venue: 12 Campuses across Delhi and Pune

The Freedom Caravan is an outreach campaign of the Centre’s to take freedom on the road. The Campaign offers 13 days of education festivals reaching out to over 1,500 youths from various colleges of Delhi and Pune, celebrating "capitalist acts among consenting adults." The objective is to expose young people to the philosophy of liberty and current liberal policy issues and create a positive perception of liberal ideas among young people in India.

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School Choice National Conference - 2011

Event Date: 21 Dec 2011; Time: 9:00 am - 18:00
Venue: The Theatre, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

School Choice Campaign hosts the third annual School Choice National Conference titled Catalysing Education for All: Intention, Innovation and Implementation, inviting the participation of several top-level academicians, policy makers, government officials, education specialists and the media to discuss alternative education methods, and ideas to improve public spending for improved quality education.

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