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ìpolicy for Journalists (2014)

Event Date: 18 Sep To 21 Sep 2014; Time: Check program details for complete schedule
Venue: Jim Corbett

To secure freedom, prosperity, and good governance, a democratic society requires a high level of ethical and informed reporting. Centre for Civil Society in partnership with Atlas Network offers ìpolicy, a three day residential course for journalists to equip them with tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies in our day to day functioning. This award winning course focuses on issues in the key areas of education, livelihoods for the poor, and good governance.


  • To equip participants with analytical tools to better understand and evaluate the effects of public policies so as to better distinguish between objective facts and merely subjective opinions and intentions of policies from their actual results
  • To offer unconventional angles and story ideas, information sources, and expert perspectives

ELIGIBILITY: This course is targeted towards media professionals with some experience including senior correspondents, feature writers, beat reporters, assistant/sub-editors, producers, and anchors. Up to 25 participants are chosen through a competitive evaluation process.

REGISTRATION FEE: The fee for the ìpolicy is Rs. 500, which includes all meals and a two-night stay at the venue. This fee is payable upon selection, and payment can be made online or through cheque.

ìpolicy for Young Leaders (IIM Kozhikode)

Event Date: 06 Sep To 07 Sep 2014; Time: Check program details for complete schedule
Venue: IIM Kozhikode

ìpolicy is a life-changing four-day certificate course on public policy and liberal philosophy.

Through dynamic games, talks, dialogues and documentaries, participants will have the opportunity to explore and share ideas about policy based solutions to social problems from a liberal perspective.

ìpolicy for Young Leaders is a great opportunity for you to meet and network with fun, like-minded individuals, eminent speakers and access resources that will help you advance your vision of a free society.


  • Get exposed to a range of topics such as livelihood, governance, education and politics
  • Working groups, discussion and debates enhance analytical, public speaking and presentation skills
  • Join and interact with a network of more than 7000 talented individuals coming from top tier international and national colleges and organisations from around the world
  • Engage with other CCS initiatives, campaigns and learn of exciting internship and volunteering opportunities

Researching Reality Internship 2014

Event Date: 04 Jun To 18 Jul 2014; Time: N/A
Venue: CCS Office, New Delhi

Researching Reality Internship is for college students and researchers who wish to apply social and economic principles to real-life problems through in-depth research projects. It provides interns with valuable training in areas of research, analysis, writing, and above all critical thinking. Interns study various agencies, boards, corporations, departments, schemes and programs of the state governments and Municipal Corporations; evaluating existing systems to recommend sustainable and long-term policy improvements in the functioning of government structures. The objective of the internship is to further citizens’ understanding of the workings of the government and encourage greater independent fact-based qualitative and quantitative research so that the next time citizens demand better governance, they can back their claims.

ipolicy for Young Leaders (TFI, New Delhi)

Event Date: 16 May To 18 May 2014; Time: Check program details for complete schedule
Venue: CCS Office (New Delhi)

ìpolicy for Young Leaders aims to reach out to undergraduates, graduates, post graduates and recent graduates who have just started working. CCS believes that such individuals hold the power to change the future, and because they are currently in a space where their belief and knowledge could be channelized and strengthened through exposure to ideas of a free society.

ìpolicy for Young Leaders (BITS)

Event Date: 21 Mar To 23 Mar 2014; Time: Check program details for complete schedule
Venue: Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani
Certificate Course in Public Policy