First Annual South Asia Students for Liberty Conference held in New Delhi

The Centre for Civil Society organized a two-day first Annual South Asia Students for Liberty Conference here.

Over 200 students from South Asia, including Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia have gathered in New Delhi for the event.

The aim of the event is to discuss and exchange ideas of liberal philosophies to solve the problems existing in the world.

The conference will preach the idea of economic freedom and focus on issues related to liberty, open borders, welfare state, ethical foundations for free society.

Students from Nepal attended the conference with a lot of enthusiasm.

"From SFL (STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY) Nepal we are focused on women issues especially those issues which are more inclined to academic freedom, girl education like women generally don't tend to have educational choices right that more barriers are created by society by their family and everything else. So we aware people that we girls, like they have their academic freedom we need to respect that and we collaborate with different organizations like recently we have collaborated with UN (UNITED NATIONS) Planning International and Samridhi foundation which is one of the Libertesation organization in Nepal," said Ria Founding member Liberty for Students, Nepal.

The Students for Liberty in Nepal has over 500 students as its members.

"It is a great forum for me to meet many Indian people even India is a single country but there is lot of variety from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. There are different people with different ideas. It is an encouragement to meet different people supporting your ideas. It's like we feel we are not alone who supports libertarian we are not only the one who is making the world a better place to live in for libertarian. It's an encouragement that we get in this big forum along besides meeting the intellectual minds," said Saurav Local coordinator, Liberty for students, South Asia.

"In terms of Nepal, we can say Nepal is in the process of making the constitution right now. The idea of liberalism is very important in context of Nepal because the constitution making process is going on. We all need the idea of liberty to head in proper direction and while these sorts of conferences in India we Nepalese get to learn lot of ideas about how constitution should be made and how the idea of liberty should be implemented in the constitution making process," said Krishna Thapa, Local coordinator, Liberty for students, South Asia.

The networking and conversation among participants breaks the barriers as discuss issues pertaining to their individuals countries.

"The conference has participation from Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Malaysia. In terms of bringing nations the SARRC nations together this organization and conference is the step towards that. The leadership gets to work from all over the world. I am working with three countries and I am also working with Pakistan and we will grow we will have people from different countries as a part of leadership and basically we create a network and so people are constantly interacting with the students, the youth basically from other countries of the world," Abhinav Singh Local coordinator Liberty for students, South Asia, India.

The Students for Liberty helps students to develop leadership qualities and build connection with all across Asia.

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