Friedman on India: Tribute to A Great Economist on His Birth Centenary

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Friedman on India:

Tribute to A Great Economist on His Birth Centenary

Dates: 15 August 2012 | Time: 16:00-18:00 |Venue: Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India

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New Delhi


Tuesday 14 August 2012—Centre for Civil Society is proud to host Friedman on India—a panel discussion on Milton Friedman’s ideas for policy reform in India—on 15 August at the India Habitat Centre. Chaired by Luis Miranda, former chairman of IDFC Private Equity, this panel will discuss Friedman’s commentary on Indian policy and revisit the market solutions proposed by him to guide second generation reforms in the country.

Professor Milton Friedman was one of the few economists, besides Professor BR Shenoy from the University of Gujarat and Lord Peter Bauer from the London School of Economics, who dissented against the early Five Year Plans aiming to centralise market activity and impose overbearing regulatory and licensing conditions. These economists took a stand for liberal policy reforms, advocating deregulation, de-licensing, and removal of market entry and exit barriers, to increase opportunity, livelihoods and growth. It took another three decades before the Manmohan Singh-Narasimha Rao reforms of 1991 were implemented, and these only partially liberalised the system set up by the Central Planning process. 21 years later, the battle for economic freedom is far from won. Given that millions of Indians are still struggling under the weight of the licence raj, be it in enterprise or education, when better to regain momentum to fully free India than on the day that marks our freedom?

Three high profile panelists will share their expertise on Indian public policy and the ideas of Milton Friedman. Swaminathan Aiyar is a Consulting Editor for The Economics Times and a research fellow at The Cato Institute. He was editor of two of India’s largest economic dailies, Financial Express in 1988-90 and The Economic Times in 1992-94. Jaithirth Rao is an industry leader; he founded Mphasis, a firm delivering applications, infrastructure, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. He led the Development Division of Citicorp, and was Chairman and CEO of Transaction Technologies Inc. He was also recognised as Entrepreneur of the Year (2004) in New York by Ernst & Young. Parth J Shah, President of Centre for Civil Society, is an economist; he has published several academic articles and opinion pieces in the areas of development economics, school choice and business cycle theory.

We hope the discussion will add insight to the current policymaking debate and help usher in India’s Second Freedom Movement.

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15 August 2012 marks 15 years of Centre for Civil Society working for Social Change Through Public Policy!

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