Government should work in tandem with private schols, says Jay Panda

Various Media | 03 December 2016

The government should “work in tandem” with the private sector to provide access of quality education to all, instead of seeing it as a competitor, BJD Lok Sabha member Jay Panda said on Saturday.

He was speaking here at 8th edition of School Choice National Conference 2016 organised by public policy think- tank, Centre for Civil Society (CCS) in partnership with National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA).

“The government should separate its role as a provider, financier and regulator of education. Over the years, the government has looked at private schools as competition. What we have today in education is not delivering and we require more participation from the private players.

“Our government should act as contributors and should work in tandem with private players to deliver optimal results. Budget private schools are filling the space and government should work in tandem with the private sector to provide access of quality education to all,” he was quoted as saying in a statement released by CCS.

Various sessions were held during the event, which was attended by several government officials, policy makers, educationists, school leaders, journalists, students, planners and activists. Members of Parliament Udit Raj also attended it.

“I am a proponent of the voucher system and believe that the choice should be given to parents to choose and send their children to the schools of their own choice,” Panda said.

This news was release by Press Trust of Inida (PTI) and has been carried by The Indian Express, India Today, Business Standard, Indian24News, and Tito's Goa.