ìpolicy for Business Professionals

ìpolicy for Business Professionals

Certificate in Public Policy

Business Professionals

CCS is India's leading liberal think tank, ranked 81 worldwide by the annual study conducted by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania.

ìpolicy for Business Professionals aims to reach out to business executives who have acquired a few years of experience in the corporate sector. Businesses and industries have contributed greatly to the development of our country and it is pertinent that individuals in this space are also equally engaged in the larger policy debates that directly or indirectly affect the functioning of their sectors. Additionally getting them to champion and advocate for the cause of the millions of unorganised sector entrepreneurs, who are equally competent and enthusiastic to grow their businesses and contribute to the economic development of the nation is crucial in strengthening the existing ecosystem.


  • Develop a greater understanding of the ethical foundations of a market economy and your ability to defend markets and ethical profit-seeking in the public sphere.
  • Refresher course to understand key challenges facing India, to explore new perspectives and innovative solutions and leverage concepts and tools of sound public policy to make their social change initiatives more impactful.


  • Working groups, group discussions and presentations enhance participants' skills in analytical thinking, public speaking, and presentation.
  • Participants have the opportunity to network with other professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines representing leading organisations all over India, to exchange ideas on public policy and resulting social changes.
  • Contributes towards an organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility, as their employees gain insights into issues plaguing society, and discuss market based solutions to these problems.

ELIGIBILITY: The course is open to professionals with a minimum of 2-4 years of work experience and who are probably at mid-management level positions or above in their companies. Up to 30 participants will be selected based on their application merit.

REGISTRATION FEE: The fee for the ìpolicy is Rs 7500, which includes all meals and a three-night stay at the venue. This fee is payable upon selection, and payment can be made online or through cheque (Travel costs are not included – participants must make their own arrangements).


For any queries, please contact Manasi Bose (programs@ccs.in)