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Do you think like a policymaker?
Do you feel India needs a new class of policymakers?
Do you want to know more about designing a policy-making?
If your answer is yes, join the ISPP to become a next-gen policy leader.

About ISPP?

Incubated by India's leading public policy think tank - Centre for Civil Society (CCS) in 2019, ISPP has been built by the world’s leading policy-makers, experts and influencers. For over two decades, CCS has nurtured young leaders to critically question, inquire into, and understand the principles of sound policy. The next frontier in this legacy, ISPP, will and has been taking forward this vision and mission – inspire young minds to advance social change through public policy.

ISPP is the first design thinking-focused programs to develop policy professionals with the knowledge, skills, wisdom and ethics to understand, design and implement local solutions to India’s enduring policy challenges.  Its training is centred on the design and management of institutions and rules that govern society. The 21st century’s challenges are going to be at the intersectionality of Samaj, Sarkar and Bazaar (society, state and markets).

Eminent academicians, policymakers and philanthropists have together reimagined the public policy pedagogy, research and practice for a new class of policy leaders. ISPP aims to transform the art and the science of policymaking. ISPP focuses on bringing together the best minds in public policy to create a unique high-quality program that aims to create the next generation of Policy leaders.


What makes ISPP Unique?

  • 8 academic terms of 6 weeks each
  • Taught by world-class faculty and policy professionals
  • Extensive collaborations with industry and government
  • Only public policy programme with a focus on design thinking and management.
  • Learn and enhance analytical reasoning and critical thinking through debates, simulations, case studies, and working groups.
  • ISPP's uniquely curriculum seamlessly integrates public policy design and administration; its theory and practice; philosophy and ethics. It trains scholars to appreciate diverse perspectives and work with them to achieve a just and sustainable society.
  • Workshops are academic sessions aimed at application-based skill-building. Through the workshops, participants will familiarise themselves with key policy analysis tools. Workshops will also serve to introduce participants to theoretical tools, as well as essential soft skills required in the public policy field.



ISPP is looking for a diverse, intellectually curious and socially conscious participants, open to a wide variety of career options related to public policy be it in government, corporates or civil society organisations. 

The programme is open for Indian Nationals only. We welcome college graduates from India or abroad, with or without prior public policy experience or education. However, we prefer graduates who have had prior work experience in any field. 

While no prior public policy experience or education is expected from applicants, basic numerical literacy and fluency in English will help them to make the most out of their academic experience at ISPP.

To apply, applicants must complete the comprehensive ISPP application form and submit supporting documentation as required.


To know more about our leadership, programme, faculty, recruiters, and scholars’ testimonials, contact us at