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Of Utopian Economics

Published in News Bench on 30 Nov 2014

खर्च होना चाहिए कर का आधार

Published in Rajasthan Patrika on 16 Nov 2014

मंत्रियों को भी शामिल करें

Published in Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur on 04 Nov 2014

आखिर क्यों हैं हम गरीब

Published in Rajasthan Patrika, Bangalore on 24 Oct 2014

समय की जरूरत है यह मॉडल

Published in Rajasthan Patrika on 19 Oct 2014

India must nix laws from salt tax to balloon ban

Published in Mint on 10 Oct 2014

Newsmaker: Parth J Shah

Published in Business Standard on 09 Oct 2014

Our salt czar

Published in Mint on 08 Oct 2014

Report calls for scrapping of 100 outdated laws

Published in The Times of India on 07 Oct 2014

101 laws that need to go...

Published in Business Standard on 07 Oct 2014

Cutting down India’s forest of laws

Published in Mint on 06 Oct 2014

Why the Modi government should scrap these 100 laws right away

Published in Quartz India on 02 Oct 2014

Citizen's group identifies 100 archaic laws

Published in Various Media on 01 Oct 2014

The unheeded lesson from BR Shenoy

Published in The Financial Express on 11 Aug 2014