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The Big Picture - From Positive to Progressive India

Published in Rajya Sabha TV on 01 Jan 2018

Atlas Network Defeats Poverty for $4.88 Per Person

Published in National Review on 23 Dec 2017

Former Delhi Chief Justice expresses concern on media trial

Published in IANS, Zee News, Latest News in India, Daily World, Web India 123 on 27 Nov 2017

Appeal for National Repeal Law Day 2017

Published in IndiaNewsCalling.com on 27 Nov 2017

LAVASA – A Little Slice of Italy

Published in wotweb.com on 21 Nov 2017

अफसरों की जवाबदेही तय होना जरूरी

Published in न्यूज 18 हिंदी on 30 Aug 2017

'Pvt sector success story of reforms'

Published in The Times of India on 25 Mar 2017

The tyranny of bad laws

Published in Live Mint on 24 Mar 2017

C Rajagopalachari: The icon India needs today

Published in Mint on 09 Dec 2016

Individualist Gandhi versus statist Nehru

Published in Mint on 09 Dec 2016

Why liberal parties fail at the hustings

Published in Mint on 08 Dec 2016

Creating a citizen-led market for welfare

Published in Mint on 07 Dec 2016

More decentralization and more democracy

Published in Mint on 05 Dec 2016