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India's Most Laughable Laws

Published in Bloomberg View on 10 Oct 2014

India To Scrap 100 Outdated Laws

Published in InSerbia News on 07 Oct 2014

Ten laws that India should scrap

Published in BBC News on 07 Oct 2014

Repeal 100 Laws Project: Parth J Shah speaks with Niticentral

Published in Niti Central on 07 Oct 2014

शहर यानी,भीड़ या सुविधा

Published in on 01 Oct 2014

लेने होंगे कठोर फैसले

Published in on 26 Sep 2014

फर्जी मुठभेड़ पर लगाम

Published in on 24 Sep 2014

India's law should recognise that men can be raped too

Published in The Scroll on 11 Sep 2014

A New Swarajya

Published in NewsLaundry on 11 Sep 2014

NGOs in India on tenterhooks after accusatory government report

Published in The Christian Science Monitor on 21 Jul 2014

Rangarajan report: Why it cannot be completely written off

Published in First Post on 08 Jul 2014

Leadership in schools

Published in The Thumb Print on 05 Jul 2014

Indian think tanks must collaborate, or face stagnation

Published in Various Media on 28 Jan 2014

India has 268 think tanks but only six in top 150

Published in Various OnlineMedia on 26 Jan 2014

Asia Liberty Forum 2014

Published in on 13 Jan 2014

Change India: An agenda for the Next PM

Published in CNN IBN on 10 Jan 2014