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Print Media

Sisodia launches 'Citizen's Handbook' to improve policy making

Published in The Statesman on 17 Aug 2016

Committees to decide on street vendors: Govt to SC

Published in Hindustan Times, Jaipur on 15 Jul 2016

SC rules in favour of Rajasthan street vendors

Published in Governance Now on 13 Jul 2016

NEP alliance democratizes discourse on New Education Policy

Published in Various Print Media on 10 Jul 2016

न्याय में देरी की मूल वजह

Published in दैनिक जागरण on 14 Jun 2016

Licence-Permit-Quota Raj Crushing India’s Private Schools

Published in Education World on 11 Apr 2016

बेहतर परिणामों के लिए व्यावहारिक बनें

Published in दैनिक ट्रिब्यून on 07 Apr 2016

इन कानूनों का अब क्या कीजिएगा हुजूर

Published in राष्ट्रीय सहारा on 28 Mar 2016

ऐसे भी कानून हमारी दिल्ली में

Published in दैनिक भास्कर on 21 Mar 2016

Remembering ‘LPG’ Revolution

Published in The Pioneer on 14 Mar 2016