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The chaiwallah of the street also deserves to be heard

Published in livemint on 22 May 2019

Legislative assemblies should be elected at midterm of Lok Sabha

Published in Hindustan Times on 21 May 2019

ISPP hosts workshop on Public Policy for the Environment

Published in Education World on 02 May 2019

A workshop was organized by the Indian School of Public Policy or the ISPP

Published in Business News This Week on 30 Apr 2019

To improve learning levels, stop labelling schools

Published in Hindustan Times on 22 Apr 2019

Vending zones demarcated without plan: Report

Published in The Times Of India on 27 Mar 2019

Urban Future

Published in The Statesman on 07 Mar 2019

Workshop By ISPP On India's Urban Future

Published in Business World Education on 06 Mar 2019

‘PPP is skilling India, not killing education’

Published in The New Indian Express on 14 Feb 2019