Most institutions are yet to put up disclosures on sites

The Times of India | 21 April 2017
Most institutions are yet to put up disclosures on sites
NEW DELHI: A large number of the over 16,000 schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education that have complied with the mandatory disclosure are yet to put up the disclosures on their website. The board said that it will issue fresh notices to the schools to put up all the details on the school websites as has been asked in the memorandum. The board added that soon it will also put up the details on its website for the benefit of the parents, aspiring students and general public.
The board has issued show cause notices to 2,077 schools for non-compliance of the mandatory disclosure and has imposed a penalty of Rs 50,000 on all schools. However, National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), a body of the budget private schools, is demanding immediate withdrawal of the "illegal circular" on the fine imposed alleging that the penalty is "for harassing schools for not furnishing confidential information," while threatening to approach the Court.

CBSE issued an order on mandatory disclosure under which the schools were asked to furnish listed details from October 25, 2016 to October 31, 2016, which was later extended to November 30, 2016. In all, there are 18,179 schools — both government and unaided — affiliated to it. Schools were asked to disclose everything in public domain — right from the number of water taps to the complete breakup of monthly fee structure of each class, from Wi-Fi with speed details, all admission results to its reserve funds and balance sheets. The board in its office memorandum on the matter sent out a detailed list of disclosures under 130 heads.

Apart from submitting the data to the board, the schools were also asked to put up the details in pub-lic domain.

"We will again issue a circular to the schools to put up all the details on their website, which has been a major aim of the exercise so that parents can know the kind of services the schools provide, compare fees and take a judicious decision while seeking admissions. Moreover, the board too will soon put up these details on the website. The idea is to have a transparent operation while offering quality education," said R K Chaturvedi, chairperson, CBSE.

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