Last year at CCS Academy, we curated a platform for CCS alumni, young students and professionals to engage in themes and discussions around public policy; now popularly called Baithak: Conversations in Policy. Baithaks follow an open group discussion format where the speaker is also the moderator of the debate, the principal guide and the facilitator of free flow of information among all the participants.


The idea of Baithak is to give a platform to all CCS graduates and potential course participants to come together for a discussion on contemporary socio-cultural and economic issues in the presence of prominent voices from the liberal movement in India. Its objective is to create a knowledge ecosystem, impacting the policy space in India at large.


Federalism A standalone idea or part of something larger?

About Dr. Ashwin Mahesh

Dr.Ashwin Mahesh is a social technologist, environmentalist and urbanist. After a 15-year career in science, during which he was an astronomer and an Antarctic climate scientist, he switched to social enterprises, focused on urban development and governance. He is a founder of the technology lab, Mapunity, which builds urban social networking platforms and tools for citizens, public administrators and businesses. He is also a co-founder of Lithium, which operates the largest fleet of electric cars in India. He is a co-founder and editor of the national public affairs magazine, India Together. He was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship for social entrepreneurs in 2009.

Baithak: Conversations in Policy
  • 30 Jun 2019
  • 16:00 to 18:00
  • Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices, 4th Floor, Rear Wing, Brahmananda Court #37, Lalbagh Road , Bangalore
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Application Deadline
30 Jun 2019