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Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic Development

Event Date: 18 Jul 2020; Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Venue: ZOOM & YouTube live

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Centre for Civil Society and Azadi are pleased to invite you for the Book Launch of the Hindi Edition of "Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic Development" followed by an online panel discussion.


The developmental paradigm in India continues to bear the historic burden of colonial rule, and subsequently, decades of 'modernisation' steered by global aid regimes. There remains an enduring romance with paternalistic and welfarist developmental frameworks, with only marginal voices that have now begun to reclaim local, community-led solutions that re-centre individual freedom and agency in furthering prosperity.

About the Book:

The book “Poverty and Freedom: Case Studies on the U.S. and Global Economic” focuses on case studies about efforts made by many countries’ to overcome similar challenges, tweaking policies and upholding the basic principle of economic and individual freedom. We believe that the translation of the book will bring forth new learning and insights for many Hindi-speaking policymakers and influencers. It will provide them with in-depth analysis and an alternative way of thinking about policy change, the role of markets and civil society in the development process.

About the Event:

We hope that through the panel discussion and the book launch, our readers take away a critical lesson: the possibility and necessity for local organisations to steer social change through policy reforms that advance individual freedom and opportunity to create prosperity. It can provide opinion leaders, policy-makers and influencers insights into the role of civil society in steering developmental reforms, global best practices and success stories that can resonate in the Indian context - and hopefully, foster greater support for and recognition of local think tanks and organisations working to expand freedom and inclusive markets to lift people out of poverty through dignity and opportunity.

Date: 18th July 2020
Time: 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Platform: ZOOM & YouTube live

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