Report | Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Report | Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Words, be they written or spoken, possess immense power to shape the nature of our thoughts and actions. Through a debate, one engages in fruitful dialogue, strengthening one's own arguments, plugging the gaps in one's reasoning and also influencing everybody involved in the process, including the audience. We at the Centre believe that in order to understand Milton Friedman and his ideas better one needs to discuss, understand and analyse issues that are as important and crucial to India today as they were when Mr. Friedman first set foot here in 1955.

For this purpose, Centre for Civil Society hosted a debate competition and casual tea, coupled with cake cutting on the eve of 31 July 2014. The topic for the event was:-

India’s slow growth is not to be found in its religious or social attitudes, or in the quality of its people, but rather in the economic policy that India has adopted. Are Milton Friedman's Ideas relevant and applicable in India today?

In the spirit of competing, the event incentivised participants and attendees to read about Milton Friedman, his ideas, his work, his profound contribution to the world in areas of public policy and economics, not to forget his views on India back in the post independence era. The program helped everyone present, to understand the background he came from and threw light on the policy recommendations he offered, and how relevant his ideas are today. The debate saw participation from 10 teams with over 20 participants and encouraged the audience members to cherish and continue to promote choice and freedom for all individuals and also help remember the legend that is Milton Friedman, all whilst enjoying an evening of healthy discussion, lovely company and birthday cake!

The results of the debate were as follows:

  1. Best Speaker For the Motion: Jai Dehadrai,
  2. Best Speaker Against the Motion: Nipun Malhotra
  3. Best Interjector: Rajesh J.
  4. Best Team: Jai Dehadrai and Nipun Malhotra

We hope to make this competition an annual event commemorating Milton Friedman and at the same time celebrate ideas and keep our network connected with the larger liberty movement.