School Choice National Conference

Niti Central | 21 December 2015

That the education sector should be depoliticized and principles of maximum governance should be applied to it was the theme of debate and discussions at School Choice National Conference organised by policy think tank Centre for Civil Society.

Some of the speakers at the event are Rajya Sabha member Anu Aga, Ashish Khetan, Karthik Dhinne, Meeta Sengupta and Shantanu Gupta.

Is the role of govt as regulator, financier and provider of education yielding right impact? Prof Geeta Kingdon asks at #SCNC2015

— CCS India (@ccsindia) December 19, 2015


When teachers themselves are politicians, no surprise they politicize education. Geeta G Kingdon #SCNC2015 #NEP @ccsindia

— Amit Chandra (@AmitCTweets) December 19, 2015


Let schools run for students with #schoolvoucher than government running for teachers…@kksharma1 #SCNC2015 #NEP

— Amit Chandra (@AmitCTweets) December 19, 2015

About School Choice Initiative

The School Choice is an initiative of Centre for Civil Society to advocate element of competition in education space through policy reform. The goal of the School Choice is to create an environment where every child has the Right to Education of Choice. School Choice National Conference (SCNC) is an annual event that provides a much needed platform to identify critical issues in the education sector, review existing programs, and explore strategies to face the challenges ahead and ideate on ingenious solutions to provide quality education to all children in India. The objectives of SCNC are two-fold:

Bring together educationists, planners, policy experts, activists and government officials to discuss and debate various dimensions of education policy in India. Showcase innovative models that foster an enabling education ecosystem.

Various studies and reports present struggling state of education in country. Drafting national level education policy is an exercise that takes place once in two to three decades and would decide the future of educational landscape in country. In this context the theme of this year SCNC will be New Education Policy. The conference will focus on areas of policy reform that need to be streamlined towards achieving choice for students and parents, autonomy for schools and teachers, and accountability of the system.

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