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AZADI.ME is India's first and only portal for liberal resources in Hindi. It provides insights on liberal issues to the Hindi speaking people. Azadi is a joint initiative of Centre for Civil Society (, Atlas Global Initiative ( and Cato Institutue ( Azadi publishes liberal ideas, research report, research papers, op-eds, blogs, videos, podcasts on it's website. It tries to bridge the gap between policy makers and common people of the country.

Address Health

AddressHealth provides preventive health care to children across various categories of schools in urban India.

We offer

  • Comprehensive health checks for children
  • Infirmary management in schools
  • Mental wellness programs in schools
  • Develop and deliver health education curricula (in schools) Our cloud-based EHR has (cumulative) health data of over 250,000 children, allowing us to analyse health trends amongst urban school children, helping parents and schools take preventive steps for their children's health.

We are currently operational in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & Delhi.


WINGS is an academic solution provider where we support affordable private schools and entrepreneurs in delivering the right kind of education through an innovative and well researched curriculum, continuous assessments, regular guidance and training for teachers. Parents form an integral part of our program and special emphasis is laid on parent engagement programs resulting in holistic development of the child.

We at WINGS, are committed to facilitate All Round Development of Children. To bring in this development, our framework is supported by various approaches that provide Qualitative Learning Experiences to the children. Our Learning Outcomes are designed keeping in mind – how children develop, how they learn, their interests, their innate potentials, how they cope with the challenges during the process of Learning and how they emerge as confident individuals.


Recordent is solving the problem of late fee payment at schools.

  • Collection takes a significant amount of administrative time
  • Pressure on parents for payments damages relationship
  • Parents change schools without paying the full fees
  • The new school does NOT have knowledge of the fee payment record at the previous school
  • Schools are helpless and powerless and trust the parents to pay in a timely fashion
  • Information sharing of defaulters amongst schools can help in recognizing parents that are causing the problems

Schools will be able to report the fee payment record on Recordent. When the parents go to change the school, the new school will know the fee payment track record. Having this key information will better enable the new school to decide if the parent should be given time to pay the fees or to collect the entire fee in the beginning. Know Your Prospect!


Veative is a global provider of education technology and learning simulations for schools and industries, using immersive technologies such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Veative's focus is to bring significant educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules within classrooms.

Curating an ever-growing STEM library (currently 500+ modules), Veative works to engage students with concepts, closing the gap between knowledge and understanding. We also see great value in empowering teachers, by providing meaningful feedback and analytics.

Kaul Publishers/ Mindedge group

Mindedge Group is a pre-primary books publishers having registered office in Ghaziabad. Since its formation, it is growing to be one of the leading publishers of pre-school activity books, Hindi, English, Maths, Environmental Studies (EVS) text books for Children in India and abroad. MindEdge is well known for their prominent imprints across Indian education system. Mindedge embraced local and customized versions of this publishing platform for broad range of books. We are making big strides in the publishing space in terms of scale. It has the following imprints through which it caters to different niches of educational books, Children Books for all round development of new learners in pre-primary. Pre-primary, primary and middle school books. MindEdge follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum in India. The company has title lists of CBSE school books covering all subjects for Kindergarten. Books for young readers: We have just launched around 21 titles for young readers to give them a holistic skill development. These titles have been published under one roof. The organization will publishes roughly 25 new titles/editions each year. MindEdge Group has 5 divisions each contributing to sales through different channels as mentioned, MindEdge Publications, MindEdge CSR Solutions, MindEdge Books on Door, MindEdge Book Fair, MindEdge Library Setup.

Electus Educare

Electus Educare Private Limited is launched in 2017 by Mr. Isthlamudi Raja Reddy to provide innovative path ways towards k-12 education and to learn anywhere any time concept. It is an organization aiming for the development of 21st century skills of student community and the digital learning in various fields of industry.

Torrins Music Education

Torrins introduced an innovative & revolutionary program for music education in schools. Our program provides online video lessons, trained classroom instructors, software application for teachers, music instruments, and is designed by Ehsaan Noorani, the renowned music director of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fame & other world-class musicians. Most importantly, it's affordable & available for your school now.

Million Sparks Foundation

Million Sparks Foundation (MSF) works in the area of capacity building of teachers and school leadership. It is focused to ensure that every student has great teachers. To ensure this MSF is building a mobile application centric platform "ChalkLit" which provides modular content and tools to allow anyone with the right background, motivation, and communication skills to teach one lesson at a time. ChalkLit provides bite sized, curriculum aligned teacher resources, teacher training modules and a social personalized peer micro-learning network. MSF gives equal emphasis to both academic and non academic areas especially providing inputs to teachers around Classroom Management, SDGs, Life Skills, and Financial literacy amongst other things.

MSF is currently partnered with 6 states, many curriculum bodies and NGO partners representing 1.5 million teachers and 100 million school children of India and have successfully trained and certified 60000 teachers across 16000+ government schools. MSF a non profit organization headquartered in Delhi is supported by, Central Square Foundation and PayTM, and will work with NISA in helping it in implementing its Quality Charter through a partnership to provide trainings and continuous professional development resources to teachers and school leaders.


Worldreader is a global nonprofit whose mission is to help the world read. The organization provides students and their families with digital library available on e-readers and mobile phones, complemented with a suite of reading support programs. Since 2010, over 10 million people across 50 countries have read from our digital library of over 35,000 local and international e-books. Worldreader works with device manufacturers, local and international publishers, government agencies, education institutions, and local communities to help readers worldwide.