SCNC 2018 Speaker's Videos

SCNC 2018 | Alternative Education | Parth J Shah

Parth J Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society shares his views on 'Alternative Education".

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sugata Mitra

With an overarching theme of 'Alternative Education: Philosophy, Practice, Policy', SCNC 2018 kick-started with the keynote address by Dr. Sugata Mitra renowned for his 'The Hole in the Wall' experiment. Talking about the experiment he said, "Children in self organised learning environment can learn anything by themselves." He also pressed upon the need to meticulously review the education system which is producing "British clerks from the 19th century" and said that teachers should be friends and not be guides or supervisors.

Through the day-long academic conference we aim to:

  1. Share learnings and start a dialogue on the successes, challenges, scope ad scale of existing alternative education in India.
  2. Debate policy framework for alternative education in India, hear perspectives of education experts and explore the involvement of civil society in creating and shaping opinion that govern the thriving model of alternative education in the country.

Session 1 - Philosophy: Education Beyond Conventional Classrooms

Session 2 - Practice: Experiments In Alternative Education

Session 3 - Policy Panel: Examining Regulatory Frameworks

Why are for-profit schools discouraged in our country? What is the biggest drawback of the RTE Act? Why are public and private schools treated differently?

Anil Swarup (Former Secretary - School Education, MHRD) and Chandra Bhushan Sharma (Chairman, National Institute of Open Schooling) give an insightful (and hilarious) explanation of the many woes of the Indian Education System, at the 10th School Choice National Conference.