Business and Public Policy: Credit Course with Vedica Scholars

This December, we completed our 60-hour elective course on ‘Business and Public Policy’ being conducted as a part of the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women. The closing session of the course was conducted by Dr Geeta Gouri, former member of the Competition Commission of India, on Competition in Electricity Sector. The course received an overall feedback of 3.59 of 4.

With eight sessions, the course provided a detailed exploration into the role and impact of public policy on the Indian business environment, with a particular focus on the scope of government intervention in businesses, and the role of entrepreneurs in leveraging on policy possibilities in India today. Our list of distinguished speakers included Prashant Narang, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi; Smriti Parsheera, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy; Akhilesh Tilotia, OSD to Minister of Civil Aviation; Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, India Development Foundation; Geeta Gouri; Parth Shah, President, Centre for Civil Society; Amit Chandra, expert on education policy and former Associate Director, Centre for Civil Society.

Offered as part of the formal curriculum in leading universities, our credit courses are designed offer unique insights that bridge academic rigour with policy analysis.

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