CCS on Campus

Through our ‘CCS on Campus’ initiative, we reach out to young students and future leaders across the country by way of policy dialogues conducted by members of our eminent faculty. During the 2-3 hour sessions, we encourage students to contest and debate learned presumptions on modern political and socio-economic concerns of the nation. This January we successfully instigated 310 students to explore the foundations of a free, prosperous, and just society.

Parth Shah (Founder President, CCS) and Geeta Gauri (Former Member of the Competition Commission of India) steered a group of 130 students to ‘unpack’ the 1991 reforms for liberalisation of the Indian economy. Christopher Lingle (Visiting Professor of Economics, Universidad Francisco Marroquín) urged students at Symbiosis Law School Noida to examine the principles of legislation and public policy and how they are confined by the ‘Rule of Law’. His second session at Amity University focused on ‘Emerging Market Economies, Public Policy Reform and Development in Asia’. At the Government Law College Mumbai, Vivek Dehejia (Associate Professor of Economics, Carleton University) engaged aspiring lawyers on the concerns of implementing ‘Cooperative Federalism in an Unequal India’.

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