Launch of the Hindi Translation of Bastiat’s ‘The Law’, CCS’ hindi liberal portal, released the Hindi translation of ‘The Law’ by Frédéric Bastiat at the Constitution Club of India. Originally published in 1850 as ‘La Loi’, the work remains ever more relevant today, putting forth a poignant critique of the excesses of governmental intervention, and the inevitable perversion of law that a surplus state may lead to. Translated and edited by Avinash Chandra, Editor of, Bastiat’s pivotal ideas on life, liberty and private property have been made accessible to the large Hindi readership in India and abroad.

The launch of the book was followed by a panel discussion on Society, Law and Media' with eminent speakers including Shivanand Dwivedi, Fellow, SPMRF; Anurag Punetha, Senior Anchor, Lok Sabha TV; Dr. Alok Puranik, Associate Professor, Delhi University; and Ratnesh Mishra, Resident Editor, Rashtriya Sahara. The dialogue was centered around Bastiat’s political theories and their relevance in modern-day democracies. As Ratnesh Mishra remarked, ‘Any law that is made must take into account issues of individuality, liberty & protection of property rights. Further, more laws do not necessarily translate to more justice. It is imperative that we remain mindful of this.’

Access the digital edition of the book here.