Policy Roundtable on the Separation of roles in Education

Date: 2nd April 2019
Venue: World Bank Office, New Delhi

On 2nd April, we organised a roundtable on 'Reforming K-12 Governance in India: Principles-based Uncoupling and Separation of Functions' in partnership with the World Bank, at their premises in New Delhi. The event brought together 18 experts and stakeholders in the education sector; including Dr. Junaid Ahmad, World Bank India Head; Dr. K. P. Krishnan, Secretary, Ministry of Skills; Dr. Ajay Shah, Professor, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy; Dr. Madhav Chavan, CEO, Pratham; and Dr. Tara Beteille, Education Specialist, World Bank, among others.

Dr Ajay Shah presented reform-stories from the Indian telecom and financial sectors, attributing the success of these reforms to uncoupling and separation of functions that allowed market competition and innovation, spurring change.

Drawing from our ongoing research on reforming the education sector, Bhuvana Anand, Policy Expert, and Advisor, Research, Centre for Civil Society, presented our policy and regulatory recommendations, emphasising that governance reforms and the implementation of separation of powers in the education sector are key to bring about any long-term change and the civil society has to be unified around this singular goal.