Promoting the Ease of Doing Business at the margins: the story of Zubair

Our partner, Atlas Network, covered the success story of Zubair, founder, AddtoGooge, under their Doing Development Differently programme.

Previously, according to India's minimum capital requirement, a mandatory of INR 100,000 had to be deposited in the bank, to start a business. In 2015, Zubair had tried to get his computer business started but was unable to do so, because he was couldn't scrape together the minimum amount required.

The Centre for Civil Society(CCS) had been advocated for the repeal of the paid-in minimum capital requirement to officials at the Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade. In 2017, the law changed and the paid-in minimum capital requirement went to "an absolute zero'.

CCS has been championing the cause of individual liberty and free enterprise in India through Jeevika, our livelihood programme.

Watch the video here.