Spontaneous Dialogue: Lessons from The American Political Landscape

Spontaneous Order, our digital publication featuring liberal commentaries, launched the first edition of ‘Spontaneous Dialogue’. The dialogue series live-streamed on Facebook, aims to offer impartial and factual perspectives aims to offer impartial and factual perspectives on contemporary issues, conveyed in the form of rational deliberations between experts across ideological and academic spectrum.

In the first edition of the dialogue, Mark Hansen, leading scholar on American politics from the University of Chicago, and Mohit Satyanand, Member, Board of Advisors, Centre for Civil Society, discussed the American political experience, drawing lessons for the Indian political contemporary. Addressing the citizen activism triggered by the dynamism of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and the subsequent birthing of anti-establishment views, the discussion analysed the populist rhetoric that now dominates the two countries. On the accountability of political institutions to preserve democracy, Mark Hansen observed that it was really ‘the health of civil society and the commitment to democracy among the populace’ that could ultimately sustain an inclusive society.

Streamed on Facebook Live, the session drew over 5500 views on social media.

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