book Launch-From Narasimha Rao to Narendra Modi

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Book Launch
'From Narasimha Rao to Narendra Modi'
authored by Swaminathan Aiyar

Guest of Honour
Dr Manmohan Singh, Former Prime Minister of India

24 March 2017
Commission Room, FICCI, New Delhi
1, Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
6 pm - 8 pm

The launch will be followed by a

25 Years of Economic Reforms: From Liberalization to Demonetization
exploring the progress India has made in the 25 years since the economic reforms of 1991, and the future agenda that will make India truly liberalized.

Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar, Bimal Jalan, Swapan Dasgupta, Sidharth Birla
Moderated by: Praveen Chakravarty


About the book

In the last 25 years, India has been transformed from an elephant to a tiger. What used to be called the world's biggest beggar for foreign aid is now called a potential super-power. India has become the fastest growing major economy in the world. Yet euphoria over fast growth has faded with public outrage over corruption, dismal government services of every kind, and sectarian tensions. The 25 years from Narasimha Rao to Narendra Modi have been an era of private sector success, government failure, and eroding institutions. New controls and permits have emerged even as old ones have been abolished, a form of neo-illiberalism. The future agenda must include deeper economic reform to make India truly liberalised, an overhaul of all government services to improve quality and accountability, and strong independent institutions that promote merit over political connections.




Swaminathan S. Aiyar

Swaminathan S. AnklesariaAiyar is a graduate of St. Stephen's College, Delhi, and Magdalen College, Oxford. He is currently Consulting Editor of The Economics Times and a research scholar at The Cato Institute.

He has been editor of two of India's biggest economic dailies, Financial Express in 1988-90 and The Economic Times in 1992-94. For two decades, he was also the India Correspondent of The Economist, the British weekly. He has been a frequent consultant to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. He is best known for his popular weekly column in The Times of India, "Swaminomics".


Bimal Jalan

BimalJalan is a former Governor of Reserve Bank of India and a nominated member of the Upper House of India's Parliament, the Rajya Sabha during 2003–2009. Jalan graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta, and later attended Cambridge and Oxford but no further detail as to his course of study is known publicly.

Jalan held several administrative and advisory positions in the Government of India, namely, Chief Economic Adviser in the 1980s, Banking Secretary between 1985 and 1989 and Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance between January 1991 and September 1992. In 1992-93 and then from 1998-2008, Jalan was the President of the Governing Body of NCAER, the National Council of Applied Economic Research in New Delhi, India's first independent economic policy institute established in 1956. He is also the President of the governing council of Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram. Jalan has served as the Executive Director representing India on the Boards of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. At the time of his appointment as the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Jalan was the Member-Secretary, Planning Commission in New Delhi.

He is the writer of many books such as "The Future of India", "India's Politics: A View from the Backbench","The Future Of India: Politics, Economics, And Governance","The Indian Economy: Problems And Prospects", "India's Economic Policy","Emerging India: Economics, Politics and Reforms" and "India's Economic Crisis: The Way Ahead"


Praveen Chakravarty

Praveen Chakravarty is a former investment banker, angel investor and now a political economist with a think tank IDFC Institute. He is a co-founder of Mumbai Angels and is ranked among the top 5 angel investors in the country as per this survey. Chakravarty quit as Managing Director of BNP Paribas India to work as a volunteer with the central government's UID project under NandanNilekani, in their financial inclusion initiative. Post his voluntary stint, he moved back to investment banking as CEO of an Indian investment bank. He subsequently retired from investment banking to focus on public policy and social impact initiatives while continuing to be an active angel investor.


Swapan Dasgupta

Swapan Dasgupta is a senior Indian journalist and Member of Parliament, being a Presidential Nominee to the Rajya Sabha (Council of States, or India's Upper House of Parliament).

At various points in his career, he has held senior editorial posts at The Statesman, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of India, The Indian Express and India Today, where he was Managing Editor till 2003. He has published his works in The Pioneer, The Telegraph, DainikJagran, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, Outlook, The Free Press Journal and several other newspapers and magazines, and is currently a freelance writer for various publications.

Dasgupta was awarded Padma Bhushan (India's third highest civilian award) in 2015, for his contribution to Literature and Education.


Sidharth Birla

Sidharth Birla is the Past President, FICCI. Mr Birla is also Chairman of Xpro India Limited (an established Polymers Processing and manufacturing company) and Digjam Limited (an established Woolen Worsted Fabric manufacturing company).

Sidharth Birla has been a Director on various corporate bodies since 1977. Sidharth Birla has a wide-ranging experience in areas of corporate governance; strategic issues; acquisitions & divestments; company law; corporate & financial structuring; operating financial management and industrial/business operations; private equity fund – creation, structuring and documentation, etc.

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