Researching Reality Internship

Apply for Researching Reality Internship 2017


About the Internship:

The 17th edition of CCS's Researching Reality Internship explores the fast accelerating policy domain in a six-week format to produce original working papers fostering a sustainable interaction between multiple stakeholders to further dialogue on several issues within the policy sphere.

A unique opportunity for college students, Researching Reality Internship is ideal for applicants who wish to apply social and economic principles to current policy issues through in-depth research and analysis. It provides training in areas of quantitative and qualitative research, methodology, data analysis,  and critical thinking. Interns’ study various agencies, boards, corporations, departments, schemes, legislation, and programs of the different tiers of government; evaluating existing systems both domestic and international, viewing benchmarks and best practices to recommend sustainable and long-term policy improvements in the functioning of government structures.

The engagement usually spans 6 weeks where interns work under the guidance of research guides on group projects. The program culminates in working papers on thematic issues, each providing policy recommendations for efficient and accountable government functioning.

Some of these papers and articles go on to be published in academic journals and leading newspapers. CCS does not require internship papers to be in line with any political philosophy, we require research papers to be scientific in spirit and content.

The larger objective is to further citizens’ understanding of the workings of the government and encourage greater independent, fact-based qualitative and quantitative research so that the next time citizens demand better governance, they can back their claims.


Researching Reality is a full-time six-week intensive internship

To be considered for the internship program, a candidate must satisfy one of the following;

  • Current student enrolled in an undergraduate/ postgraduate course in any academic or professional discipline
  • Graduates / Researchers
  • International Baccalaureate / Cambridge International Students enrolled in the Diploma program or A Levels

A candidate must demonstrate;

  1. Interest in the public policy domain
  2. Inquisitive and adept with basic research skills - data collection, inference and analysis
  3. Be open to fun, open and respectable environment
  4. Be a team player, have strong analytical skills and ability to meet deadlines

The Internship is open to both Domestic and International applicants. We offer assistance for visa applications in 'Volunteer Category' for International Students

There is no registration fee to apply for the program.

There is no stipend paid to Interns for the duration. However, reimbursements approved on actuals by the requisite guide/ coordinator for the purpose of research are provided. Interns are requested to make their own living arrangements in New Delhi.

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the Online Application Form; the form additionally consists of two sections dealing with a Statement of Purpose and essays as a writing sample to be considered for the Interview Round
  2. Shortlisted candidates will receive a personal interview call at the CCS Office in New Delhi; In special circumstances we do conduct interviews over the phone.
  3. A weighted proportion score of the Essays and Personal Interview will be used to determine the final list of selected candidates
  4. A second-list based on contingency is generated for wait-listed candidates

Please Note:

Applications can be submitted through the online portal alone. Applications via eM or post are not considered.

Any attempt to influence the application decision leads to disqualification of the candidate.  

Key Dates

Applications Open: 24 February 2017
Application Deadline: 30 April 2017
Personal Interview Call: 4 May 2017
Interview Dates: 6 - 13 May 2017*
First List of Confirmed Applicants: 15 May 2017
Second List for Wait-Listed Applicants: 18 May 2017
Final List of Confirmed Participants: 20 May 2017
Internship Commences 1 June 2017

*Final dates to be announced nearer the deadline


What is the Researching Reality Internship?
The researching reality internship is a 6 week full-time internship which enables the interns to conduct holistic research culminating in working papers on citizen-centric thematic issues.

What is the format of the Internship?
The internship spans over 6 weeks, is full-time and cannot be completed on a part-time format. The intern must commit to the duration of the project solely to the Internship. The interns would be working 8½ hours Monday to Friday.

What facilities will be available to me?
You will receive access to our extensive library, basic facilities to work in the office including office space to work on your project.  If you are unable to provide your own computer, CCS can provide you with one upon request.

Does CCS offer a stipend for the internship period?
No stipend is provided to the interns. Reimbursements approved by teh guide/coordinator are reimbursed on actuals with prior approval for any project related task.

Does CCS offer accommodation for outstation applicants?
Interns are requested to make their own living arrangements in New Delhi for the Internship Period. We offer assistance with accommodations in the city.

How would I be benefited by the internship program?
Interns benefit from:

  • Training in research, analysis, documenting and coming out with your own research paper.

  • Interaction with academia, media experts and eminent scholars.

  • Learning in communication through field based research.

  • Chance for publication in newspapers, magazines and CCS books.

  • Certificate on successful completion of internship.

Will CCS provide Research guide?
Yes, we do provide research guides to each intern to help and supervise intern's research. In addition to the Research Guide, there is also a Research Director and Coordinator to assist with the interns on any targeted issue.

Who are Research Guides?
Research Guides are the people with competence of supervision and experience in the domain of the research. They are the ones who have already worked on the issue and have sufficient knowledge research. People like academicians and scholars are appointed as Research Guides.

Will I be working in a group or individually?
In summer internship all interns work on group projects. The groups range from 3-4 interns. Group projects are an opportunity to produce more intensive, in-depth and holistic papers thus giving more depth and scope to the final output produced.

Is CCS flexible with timeline of the Internship?
The summer internship is a very structured program with around 25 candidates interning at the same time. It will not be possible to change the timeline for any of the participants. We suggest applying for non-summer internship to those who can’t come to summer internship. The timing more flexible for non-summer internship. You can do this anytime for two months between October and March.



Comments from the last edition of the Researching Reality,

"My experience with the Researching Reality Internship Programme has been hugely rewarding. It is very encouraging to see and help bright young minds engage in rigorous research and have CCS nurture and give direction to their spirit of academic enquiry. "

Kanika Chawla,
Senior Programme Lead at Council on Energy,
Environment and Water

"It has been a better experience that I had expected. This internship provided me with an insightful experience, amazing people, a great topic to work on and the best coordinator and director. I'd never thought work could be so much fun. Great working environment! Great work! Also got in touch with amazing people in the education sector."

Palak Rawal,
Ex-Researching Reality Intern

"The internship introduced me to the field of policy research and the structure of the program where every intern is assigned a guide was wonderful. The entire CCS teams, co-interns and others provided a lively respectful and friendly environment to work in and was a great learning experience. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. "

Vrinda Aggarwal,
Ex Researching Reality Intern