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EduDoc 2018 winners

Started in 2015, EduDoc is an annual international short film competition, that brings alive the stories of education—its challenges, innovations and solutions, through the medium of short films and videos each year. EduDoc aims to identify and document the socio-political, cultural and regulatory challenges in education system, through the audio-visual medium and bring forth the inventive solutions devised by individuals, groups, communities or organisations across the world.

Declared by Supreme Court of India as a fundamental right, inherent to the right to life, Education has a cascading impact on numerous other aspects like poverty, health, gender inequality and human rights. Quality education ensures growth in social, economic and civic dimensions, impacting collective conscious of generations to come. Similar emphasis on education can be found almost everywhere in our world.

EduDoc captures the challenges and opportunities of the changing political landscape in Education and the policy support sought from the government to counter the same.This year, the theme aims to showcase stories of regulatory challenges and innovation in education.

What are Regulatory Challenges in Education?

Regulatory challenges faced by education system impede the delivery of quality education to its rightful citizens. From the entry barriers in setting up schools, to the stringent policy norms thwarting the dissemination of education by focusing heavily on inputs rather than learning outcomes, all pose regulatory hurdles that education providers, especially private edupreneurs have to grapple with. Exclusionary and pro-government school policies and differential performance metrics further intensify the struggle for private schools.

EduDoc invites the stories of regulatory challenges, conflicts and change in education from all across the world.


  • To identify and document the regulatory challenges of the education system through audio-visual medium
  • To highlight various solutions devised by individuals, groups, communities, organizations, governments, to overcome these regulatory challenges
  • To celebrate innovations and solutions in education