Education for All: School Choice Campaign

Education for All

The School Choice Campaign (SCC) is a policy initiative to ensure that all children receive quality education of their choice. Rooted in the philosophy that each child is unique, SCC believes that an education system can be called truly successful when it is flexible enough to cater to each student as an individual and yet ensure that the quality of education imparted in each institution is of the highest standard. Therefore, our work aims to reform education policy to make it more responsive to the needs of each student and give parents the choice to decide what is best for their child, whether it be a government, high-fee private or budget private school (BPS).

The Campaign focuses on protecting access of the poor to BPS and their quality improvements to ensure that parents have the choice of quality education at an affordable price. In an effort to raise the entire education sector, SCC works with government schools and supports giving greater autonomy to schools and principals, especially on hiring schoolteachers. Further, the Campaign encourages more powerful School Management Committees (SMCs) and aims to influence the adoption of the per-student budgeting and funding model for government schools. SCC believes that the focus of a regulatory framework should be on learning outcomes and therefore it is pushing for amendments to the Right to Education Act 2009 and for greater innovation and competition in the education space.


In order to reform the education landscape in India, we engage with policy and opinion leaders through research, pilot projects and advocacy.

SCC Approach

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